Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Random Act of Hatred

We have all heard the phrase random acts of kindness. We have all been on the receiving end of someone's generosity and care. Last night, I was on the receiving end of a random act of hatred. At least I hope it was random and not targeted. While DD was in rehearsal someone stabbed a three inch nail into my rear passenger tire. I did not see it when we got in as it was the other side but I promptly heard the whamp, whamp, whamp as I tried to leave the parking lot.
A three inch nail in the side, I had not run over it, it was jabbed in there. Mean people suck.
The people at the front desk, wondered if someone had mistaken my vehicle for an ex lovers. My husband wondered if I pissed someone off at the theater or cut someone off on my way into the parking lot. Um, no and no. I wonder if someone was dared to do it as a part of an initiation. Whoever it was for whatever reason, they suck.
Thankfully our second vehicle was being unused at the moment. And thankfully, I have a dad who loves me enough to leave the comforts of home at 10pm to come get us and take us to our extra vehicle.
Unfortunately, the timing is horrible as I have a jam-packed day from taxi service, to kid's club in the garden, back to taxi services, cooking our recipe of the day, and dress rehearsal at the theater tonight. Somewhere in there I will be adding, call the tire shop, pay for a new tire, have it installed and figure out how to get an extra vehicle home. Insert sad face and a sigh.


Quasar said...

Keep your chin up and stay positive! Hatred can eat you up and destroy your peace. Mean people are everywhere but so are the kind souls that brighten our days with their outpouring of love! (((HUGS)))

momteacherfriend said...

Thank you!