Friday, January 02, 2009

Boredom Buster

With Winter Break drawing to an end I expected the day to be a bit boring. That was until a spark of creative genius, with each member of the family contributing to the end idea...then we hit Mama Jackpot.
What do you get when you combine Monopoly money, books, beads, pretend food, doll house furniture and some Webkinz?
You get Webkinz LIVE!
The kids went to the adoption agency and adopted a Webkinz, where they received a room (a book) and some Webkinz cash (monopoly money) They can buy additional rooms with the the green backed books being outside rooms.

Every half hour they can go to Artes Shop and go on a gem hunt (beads wrapped up in brown paper with some blank ones to add to the element.) There are 5 colored gems so if by the end of the day they can turn in for a Webkinz crown of wonder. Also every half hour they can get a Daily Kinzcare by hitting a pot to get a food item(pretend food)
Then there is the store which they can buy furniture, food and games.
Games can be played by inviting another Webkinz over and playing with them. Games winned means extra Kinzcash.

Oh and we can't forget my favorite....JOBS! Such as cleaning up rooms, making beds and whatever else mama conjures up. Complete the job in a reasonable amount of time and guessed more Kinzcash.
The kids are loving it and so am I!