Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Swim Test

When we woke up this morning we did not expect it to be a monumental day. Yet that is what it has turned out to be.
Being the youngest can be tough at times; watching your older sibling do things that you yourself can not yet do. Some take this opportunity to indulge in self pity while others such as my daughter, it drives them towards excellence. A determination to achieve.
Ever since little girl realized she was tall enough to go down the water slide at the YMCA there has been a determination to learn how to swim so she could go down it. Whenever we would go to the Y she would practice and practice swimming, each time with her little booty sinking until she was merely treading water. Apparently being of healthy weight and build CAN have its disadvantages as the child has no fat to keep her buoyant.
Today started out much like the others, jumping into the big pool with the intent of practicing some more, merely biding time until she could take her swim class next month. Yet shortly into it I realized that something was different. She was kicking harder, looking stronger. I think she could feel it too. We started out short distances, pushing off the wall and swimming to me. Then gradually made those distances further and further until we realized she WAS doing it. Then we worked a bit on back stroke and the transition from front to back. A requirement for the YMCA youth swim test. Within minutes we knew she was ready. The moment had come. Very excitedly she went to the lifeguard and asked to take the swim test. With me still in the water she pushed off one end and swam and kicked. At the halfway point she rolled over with ease and made her last half doing kicking away on her back. SHE DID IT! She passed the swim test. She gave me the hugest hug and the biggest smile, then proudly walked to the life guard stand to get her name added to the book. The the bracelet around her wrist she made her way to the highly anticipated water slide where she went down three times in a row. Daddy was watching the last two times.
I know one little girl who can.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Not Me Monday!

I, Sarah, did not take her kids to Wonderland of Lights at the zoo. It would have been much too windy and cold to do something like that.

And while there I certainly did not enjoy carrying my daughter around on my shoulders. I would not even think about putting her five year old up there. No way.

I definitely did not misread an email and go to Chuck E Cheese one week earlier than planned. I would never do that because I am an excellent reader.

And I certainly did not decorate gingerbread houses in my kitchen as that would be an incredible mess.

I did not let my kids stay up until 11pm watching Super Mario 3 because everyone knows that those precious hours after 9pm are for adults only.

I did not force my husband to go to a family Christmas party. That would be just plain cruel.

I did not take the kids sledding on a Friday afternoon when other children were still in school. Not me.

No matter what they say, I did not not skip church to go shopping.

I did not laugh hysterically at my children as they danced around the living room.

I did NOT ignore the laundry for nearly a week. Everyone knows I am much to diligent of a housewife to even accuse.

And I would not listen to Mindy and post a Not Me Monday Memo...nope...never...not me! Or would I?

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Mission Accomplished

My dad grew up in the 1950's. I love hearing stories of his childhood and thankfully Dad still enjoys telling them. Story has it when he was a boy he had to eat a hot breakfast every morning. Be it oatmeal, malt o meal or cream of wheat; it did not matter as long as he ate something hot to "stick to his gut."
My first thought of that was, 'that so would not fly today.' If I told my kids hey you must eat a hot breakfast everyday and no waffles or toast would not cut it. I envisioned fits and complaints. Which then turned my thinking to how spoiled American kids are (mine included!) I thought of other cultures and nations who gladly eat their grains plain, thankful to have a meal. I thought of the poor and impoverished, the homeless, those who would be happy for a hot meal. And I thought that I needed to change my kids thinking about breakfast.
So a few weeks ago I decided that we were going to eat oatmeal(unprocessed) at least once a week (preferably more) for breakfast. That first morning I dished up a half serving of oatmeal (1/4cup) and laid out some toppings on the table. They gladly garnished the oatmeal with dried fruits and honey. Then they took the first bite. Total looks of disgust. They were completely unimpressed. They ate a few bites, begrudgingly. I am sure they whined, most likely complained. Needless to say that first day they did not finish their bowls.
I was undeterred. If anything more persistent in the fact that things needed to change.
So a few days later it was oatmeal again. This time I put about 2 tablespoons into their bowls. With the challenge that if they ate that they could chose something else to eat if they were still hungry. With thoughts of chocolate covered waffles they got through the oatmeal. Probably more honey than oatmeal but they ate it.
Week two: I upped the amount a tiny bit.
Week three: They discovered brown sugar.
Week four: They happily eat the oatmeal with no complaint and don't need the waffle afterward.

I would say: "Mission Accomplished!"

Hey Dad, bring on some more stories. I have some children to raise.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Southside Lansing News

Hey All!

Some Southside Lansing news for you...

Please take a moment to fill out the survey.

South Lansing Community Development Association is excited to announce our 2009 Community Farmers Market, beginning in June, 2009, at Benjamin Davis Park. This weekly market will offer produce and value-added food products from local farmers, community growers, and home gardeners, as well as other amenities chosen by YOU! We are asking for your input to help us create a quality market experience for shoppers. Please click on the following link to complete our online survey. Estimated completion time is < style="color: rgb(31, 73, 125);">

This is also a reminder that SLCDA’s next community engagement and planning forum will be held on Tuesday, December 9, at 7 p.m., in the Fellowship Hall at Grace United Methodist Church (corner of Mt. Hope and Boston). The focus is on urban food systems and new agriculture initiatives (access to fresh foods, market development, community gardening, food preservation strategies, etc). Anyone interested in helping design the market, selling food or other value-added products at the market, starting a community or home-based garden, or any aspect of urban agriculture is welcome to attend. Please RSVP to, or call (517) 374-5700 so we can plan for refreshments, including fresh fruits and vegetables and homemade desserts by Evan Dunbar and Sarah Faverman. Children are welcome to attend with parents/grandparents/guardians. Just let us know when you RSVP.