Tuesday, July 15, 2014

#7 Chipotle Mac-n-Cheddar with Tomato and Chorizo

 I made a mistake. Did you figure out what I did? Somehow I went from recipe #5 to #7. I forgot to defrost the beef for #6 and I had everything available for #7 so we swapped them for the sake of sanity. Oh well. We will go back tomorrow now that the beef is out of the freezer and thawing in the fridge.

Today! We harvested loads of veggies from the kid's garden and shared them with the kiddos that came to Kid's Club; zucchini,  summer squash, snap peas, broccoli (little bitty ones), onion and garlic. I had a younger crowd today and they were so much fun. Wide eyed with excitement over everything, esp. the frog from the ditch.

The recipe today had a bit of a bite to it as it had chipotles in adoba oil and chorizo. When we opened the can of chipotles we knew we were in for it as the burn was in the air and I took a small taste of the oil. In Nepali, we would say, piro. In English, we say HOT, SPICY HOT! So instead of two chipotles we settled for one.

 We are totally mastering this roux into cheese sauce. Nailed it! The stove was full of activity with the noodles on the back burner, the cheese sauce and then another pan with the chorizo and tomato.
 Mix it all together and you have Chipotle Mac-n-Cheddar with Tomato and Chorizo. Served with a side of Noosa lemon yogurt to ease the burn. Yum!
Even though it was hotter than our norm, it was very good and the heat was tolerable. The yogurt was more than enough to balance the heat and the lemon complimented it well. Not planned but when we had a tiny taste of the chipotle I knew we had to do something.

Since our neighbor is Hispanic, he got the leftovers. DD and I delivered them to him still hot and steamy. When they heard chipolte and chorizo they said it had Mr. Joe's name written all over it. We were glad to share.

I just got back from drama a little while ago to tired to write a long blog about how I thought it was too spicy. Can't wait for recipe #8 Mega Meatball Pizza with Zippy Italian Popcorn! -DD

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