Thursday, April 22, 2010

How Granola Are You?

Many years ago when my children were still babies, I was told I was granola crunchy. Which according to the Urban Dictionary means; crunchy granola Noun. A person who is lives in a healthy, green, vegetarian way. This person often supports Greenpeace and other such environmental and anti-war groups.
Now at the time I was in no way a true granola crunchy, I considered myself more...oatmeal. I had home births, I breast-fed my babies and I was moving in a direction of healthy living for me and my children. But Greenpeace, anti-war...not so much.
This morning I was pondering where I was on the scale; was I moving towards frosted flakes or more toward granola. Since there are no guidelines and the definition of crunchy granola is ever changing, I decided to set up a little survey to gauge us all. Its a simple little test really. With point keep track.
Choose one for each category or skip to the next if it does not apply. Men feel free to count your household choices on the ones that apply to women. If multiple choices are true for you, choose the highest point value for that topic. Here goes...
If you...

Had a natural childbirth in the hospital (+1) gave birth in a birth center (+2) at home (+3)

Breast-fed your baby (+1) 6 months or more (+2) a year or more (+3) a potty trained child (+4)

Used cloth diapers (+1) Until the child was potty trained (+2) Carried around a potty to train your infant (under a year old) (+3)

Carried your babies around with a sling or carrier (+1) toddler (+2)

Co-sleep during infancy (+1) as a toddler (+2) Can't remember the last time you had no children in your bed (+3)

Made your own baby food (+1) Never bought store baby food (+2)

Chose not to circumcise your son (+2)

Use a DO rather than a MD (+1) Chose not to vaccinate (+2)

Use herbals for most medical issues (+1)

Are a Vegetarian (+1) Vegan (+2) Eat only raw uncooked foods (+3)

Garden (+1) Organic gardener (+2) Eat only food that does not come from a super market (+3)

Have a specialized diet for at least one member of your household i.e gluten-free (+1)

Make your own bread (+1) Make your own granola (+2)

Can your own produce (+1) 3 or more varieties (+2)

Buy organic food (+1) Exclusively organic (+2)

Sew or knit clothes for your family (+1)

Recycle (+1) Conscientious cut down on household trash (+2)

Used alternative fuel ie. vegetable oil (+1)

Compost (+1) Vermiculture (+2)

Raise chickens (+1) Free range chickens (+2)

Raise livestock (+1) organically or hormone free (+2)

Have a beehive (+1)

Bring your own bags to the grocery store (+1) Make your own bags to take to the grocery store (+2)

Make your own laundry soap (+1) Make all household cleaning products (+2)

Have participated in an earth day clean-up (+1) Pick-up litter not on earth day (+2)

Are a member of wild life association (+1)

Are a member of La Leche League (+1)

Written your congressman (+1) Attended a Tea Party or other public demonstration (+2)

Home school (+1) Charlotte Mason Sytle (+2) Unschool (+3)

Prefer to be barefoot (+1)

Laughed your way through this survey because it was all to familiar (+1)

So...How granola are you?
Out of possible 61 points
0-5 Fruit Loops
6-10 Frosted Flakes
11-20 Cheerios
21-30 Oatmeal
31-40 Granola
41-50 Granola Crunchy
51+ You are the crunchiest granola ever

Post your results in the comments.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Check It Out

A month or so ago I decided to contribute to our church, Family, Faith and Fun blog.
You can find my latest post here:

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Another Exciting Day

Lately the weather has been ABSOLUTELY gorgeous! Needless to say we have been trying to make the most of it.
Yesterday we decided to pack a picnic lunch and head over to Hawk Island. We ate, played, walked the board walk and soaked in the sunshine as the ducks swam out on the lake.

Since it was Babler's birthday we decided to go to on of her favorite places...The Dairy Farm.
And lo and behold, we go to see yet another birth. This one was a boy. :( So it won't be staying on the farm but we named him anyway. Introducing Axe. Hopefully this is not a foreshadowing of his fate.

Regardless he is a cute little thing with a white heart on his forehead.

Looking for something to do? Check out the MSU farms. The horses, cows and sheep are all expecting little ones. Oh and it's FREE!

Friday, April 02, 2010

Jolly Grove Garden- Sod Removal

I must tell you! Things are happening at the Jolly Grove Community Garden. We knew going in that this garden had some remarkable connections as it is a collaboration of the Land Bank, South Lansing Community Development Association(SLCDA) and the Garden Project. Recently, we acquired yet another corporate association as Comcast has chosen the Jolly Grove Garden as a recipient for their Comcast Cares Day. This means that we will be holding a workday sponsored by Comcast where things are truly going to come together and make this plot of land into a garden.
In order for the site to be ready for the workday we had to lay out the plots and remove the sod. With the BEAUTIFUL weather the leadership of the garden decided to act fast while the ground was ready. Here is what got done on April 1st.
Here is the site first thing in the morning.

Some picked up trash.

Some picked up sticks.

While others measured out the plots.

Then with the land prepped, we used the sod cutter to remove the sod.

Here is the boy rolling the sod.

Mounds and mounds of sod. By 3:00 we were finished and all plots were defined and the sod was removed and rolled.

The crazy crew feeling victorious! 8D

It was a wonderful day, with much being accomplished.

Now, we are looking forward to April 24th; the Comcast Cares Day. Where we will install the fence posts, fence, build a shed and benches, put up the sign and perhaps even plant some flowers. Woohoo!

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Highlights of Meijer Garden 2010

With the butterflies flying at Meijer Garden we joined our homeschool co-op on a visit.
I must say the diversity of the plants and flowers there is amazing. I must also state that the following pictures were taken by my mother, who did a fabulous job. Thanks mom!


Pitcher Plants

My beautiful butterflies.

Butterflies all around in the aviary.

How many butterflies can you find on this one plant?

Don't forget to look for the is a blue one, an orange one and a yellow one.

Jailed? Not really, they are enjoying the kids gate of the Children's Garden.

Butterfly dress-up.

Archeological dig.

When we did our sculpture study back in January we studied Marshall Fredrick. After reading, The Outdoor Museum: The Magic of Michigan's Marshall M. Fredericks, we fell in love with his work. We even visited his museum. So we were delighted to revisit so many of his sculptures at Meijer Garden.
Here is the Leaping Gazelle...

Which is actually a fountain.

More Marshall Fredrick.

Red-Tailed Hawk looking for lunch.

Davinci's Horse...we were highly anticipating this sculpture after reading Leonardo's Horse by Jean Fritz

I absolutely LOVE the expression of the grandfathers face.

What kind of bird do you think might hatch from these?

Strike a pose.

Hope you enjoyed our trip to Meijer Garden as much as we did.