Saturday, July 19, 2014

#10 The T2: Turkey Chili-Topped Turkey Chili Burgers with Red Pepper Slaw and Funky Fries

That has to be THE LONGEST recipe title!
Fantastic day today! First off it was payday so I went to Target and picked up some kitchen supplies.
 Score! Then Meijer had the cast dutch oven on clearance as well as the colander. Triple score.

#10 The T2: Turkey Chili-Topped Turkey Chili Burgers with Red Pepper Slaw and Funky Fries.
For my gluten free peeps the only substitute I made was the bun. I still had a coupe Udi's Classic Hamburger Buns so the kids used those.
 Mixing up the meat. This was not her first time but it is a job she likes as she is the grill master in our house. Daddy taught her all his secret tricks.
 Look at the beautiful colors going into those babies as well as into the slaw.
 Plated nicely on my new set. Since I have gone gluten free I have found I don't miss buns. I have now gotten to the point that I actually prefer burgers without them.
 The slaw was really tasty with a new kind of vinaigrette for me. It is a meal that will be enjoyed again.

We ate dinner early because of a local event called Blast in the Moonlight! A blast it is. Everything but the hot dog dinner is free. Our family plans our summer around this event, we will not go out of town during this time. We will reschedule something if we think we will miss it.
Here the kids are inhaling watermelon in the watermelon eating contest.
 And here I was trying to defend my title. It was this point I was thinking why did I eat our meal right before. But it did not deter me, inhale I did. I came in second, I lost to the young adult with downs syndrome that won over the crowd. For the record though, I did eat more. ;) As well as beat my nephew.
 A little later we tried our hand at dodgeball. I have some practicing to do if we plan on doing that again next year.
 Then it was on to the hula hoop contest, which is always a highlight for my kids. This year they were both in the same age division. They ended up taking first and second and got to go up on stage.

I always love this event. During the concert they hand out glowsticks to everyone in the crowd. As the sky darkens the hill glows. Finished off with a firework show at the end.
Fantastic day!

It is just after midnight and DD has gone to bed. She said to tell you that she would have liked the burgers if there were not veggies in them. Also, that the watermelon eating contest for her age was rigged as they gave the smallest piece to the biggest boy. And she was very happy her brother and her won the hula hoop contest. All that practicing this week paid off.
-Mom paraphrasing for DD

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