Monday, July 14, 2014

#5 Mac-n-Smoked Gouda with Cauliflower

Namaste! It has been a fabulous weekend. One of my Nepali sisters got married this weekend. How I came to have a Nepali family will have to be saved for another post, but the truth is I have a Nepali family and I love them. So this weekend the cooking challenge got set aside as I spent the majority of the weekend with the family preparing for and celebrating the marriage.

Some of my Nepali family.
Showing the community garden to out of town guest.

Peeling 50lbs of carrots. They were the largest carrots I have ever seen.
Making first one. I got much better, I am looking forward to making some GF tortillas so I can make these at home.
Dancing with the women the night before the wedding. Many of the family members stayed up the entire night cooking and preparing. I love dancing with my sisters.
Wedding day!
I am wearing my red saree. :)
The beautiful bride!

 As you can see I was busy with awesomeness, aka life and we decided not to do a recipe over the weekend. Now we are back at it with more mac-n-cheese. We swapped out the broccoli with cauliflower., the cheddar for smoked gouda and threw in some hickory smoked almonds for the twist.

 DD decided to grate it with the old fashion grater and then switched to just cutting it into bits with a knife. It melted down just fine as small chunks.
 Then she was super excited to chop the almonds. When we tried the almonds we were delightfully surprised by the flavor. So good! We will be getting these again, for sure.
 I really liked the smoky flavor of the almonds, which complemented the gouda and cauliflower well.
We halved the recipe and still had 2 cups left over. Perfect for the boy's lunch tomorrow.

Hickory smoked almonds are delicious! Three words, BEST ALMONDS EVER!!!
As for the Macaroni that was good too. -DD

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