Thursday, July 10, 2014

Curious Crew

My kids have long loved science. I was reminded about this sweet gem of a video. You should go check it out, it is adorable. And the boy made this. I can hardly believe these were almost 6 years ago.

Science and our family go together so when we saw that our local TV station was filming a kids Science show, Curious Crew, we were pretty excited. Well the girls were really excited but the boy was a little standoffish about TV, apparently if you make a mistake on TV it is documented forever. He got over this fact though and was soon just as excited as the girls were. The audition was yesterday, there were a few hundred kids that showed up. The got a lanyard, then a name and number card and we waited in line. They funneled the kids through three stations, a quick name and interest interview on camera. Then a waiting room with a little info about the station and Curious Crew. Then the highlight meeting the host and performing a challenge. The kids were broken up into groups of four and asked to build a tower out of spaghetti noodles, tape, string and they were to place a marshmallow on top. Using scissors and their own ingenuity they were on their way. It was really an observation of their problem solving and team working skills, seeing how they communicated their thoughts, handled problems and whether or not they were hands on or stand off. It was awesome.  For three years the kids did Destination Imagination at our homeschool co-op so they were more than prepared. Uber proud mama. They were on the same team and they had the most original idea of the day, the host eyes light up when he saw it. So here is hoping they get a call back.

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