Tuesday, July 29, 2014

#20 Bean Stoup and Southwestern Monte Cristo

 Yesterday, we took a mini family vacation and went to Cedar Point, the Roller Coaster Capital of the World. The lines were on the short side and we rode everything we wanted to ride. A fabulous day of adventure and thrills.
 This morning I had one of those sit back and watch my daughter in amazement moments. She asked if I would take her to the fitness room at the hotel so I grabbed a book and accompanied her. She did the typical run on the treadmill, test out the bike, and see if she could lift any weights. It was while trying out the weights that she made me put down my book and watch her. She is my Math and Science girl. In a day when girls are saturated with messages about their body and beauty, I have been conscience of making sure she knows her value is more than skin deep. So I watched. She wanted to see if she could get the gym weights to match her weight on the scale. She did the math, balanced out the weights, than calibrated the scale. Success. She beamed with pride. "I did carry my own weight." I encouraged her cleverness. I praised her for thinking it through. She is more than a pretty face, so much more.
 We made it back home in time to do dinner.
#20 Bean Stoup ad Southwestern Monte Cristo
If you are looking in the picture and wondering where the beans are, it was right after taking this picture that I was wondering myself. I searched all over the house for what was suppose to be black beans. I could not find them anywhere, most likely they were a casualty to DH random meal making a couple weeks ago and I did not notice. So I had to substitute chili beans and great northern beans. It worked out just fine.
 Everything was chopped and added to the soup pot.
Then we moved onto the sandwiches. I substituted Udi's white sandwich bread. This was our first ever Monte Cristo.  It was really good. Added to the do it again list.
When we asked hubby what he thought he said, "It is stouper!" ;)

My review is, I thought that the stoup tasted a lot like chilli, and that the southwestern monte cristo tasted good with sour cream on top. If we were to make it again I would make minor adjustments other than that it was a win. -DD

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