Thursday, August 31, 2006

August Pics of DD

Her new bike

On the boat. I love the wind in her hair in this one.

Painting at camp.

Bike parade, with crown and necklace. She is holding her prize.

Sad grumpy face. Not to mention dirty

Crashed out on the way home.

Down by the river, watching the boys.

Meeting Christian.

August Pics of DS

DS and his cousin on the boat when we went camping.

Best friends.

Daddy showing him the slingshot..see wild at heart.


the release

The haircut..also from wild at heart.

Holding his new cousin.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Response to Changing Comments

Tonight I saw a friend at a community event. She said, "Sarah, I need to apologize to you." I thought what on earth do you need to apologize for. Then she explained. She said had thought Sarah is not an organized person, if she can homeschool, then maybe I could. She read the blog and felt convicted for passing judgement. She asked for forgiveness, which I gave. In fact I told her it just attest all the more to how I have changed.
On Monday, I met with a friend that I would consider my accountabilty partner. She knows the ugly stuff, she knows how I struggle to keep the house clean. She is beginning to teach her kids preschool and she just wanted a sounding board. So I came with all my stuff. She shared with me her plan. Then I shared with her mine. At one point she said "Wow Sarah, you are so organized. I am impressed." Coming from her, the queen of organization, I thought...hmmm maybe it is true.
Sarah- Thanks for the comment! Thanks for serving our country. May the Lord bring you safely home. And you did more than graduate with honors, if I remeber correctly you did so as Salutatorian. I found my senior book a few weeks ago and I had you listed as most likely to succeed. Feel free to email, I would love to chat with you.
Diane- I am so excited about Miss Sues coming. And even more so knowing she is bringing goodies. Glad to know I am not the only one who hasn't "arrived". (wink)
Jada's Gigi- I can not even begin to describe the change. I know somethings were nearly instantaneous. Others have peeled away over the years. I think of myself in highschool and I was sarcastic; mean. For what? I am oh so thanful, He got a hold of me.
Updated: On Fire For Him- Wow- She responded on her blog. Go check it out.

My own thoughts; rambling on the matter- There is a differnce between domestic organization and administrating. While I have not given up hope to have a home in perfect order, I think the Lord keeps working on me in this area. I think homeschooling falls more under the administrative. I do think that with my personality a cirriculm is a must. With a basic structure to follow, I can execute it. I am a researcher. I love digging deeper. Finding facts. Seeing things from different angles. It is enjoyable for me to do research. I can find resources galore. I can network. I can come up with agendas. I can follow agendas. I recently discovered I am gifted as a pastor/ shepard. I am still learning what this means. I am writing this to look back on in a few years and to much more I have changed.


I accepted Christ my Senior year of high school, right in the middle of it. I was selfish, mean to the guys, perhaps some of the girls as well. I was procrastinator of all procastinators. I was not timely. School came easily for me and I took it for granted. Study for a test, NAH, review last minute was sufficent. I somehow managed to graduate with honors with this mentality, only the Lord knows how.
On Monday night after a meeting, someone commented on how organized I was. I laughed. Out loud. Then I replied, "It is a work the Lord is doing, but I would not consider myself organized. Perhaps it is in preperation for homeschooling." As we left, Mindy and I had a great talk about changing. If I look back over the scan of 11 years of following Christ, I have changed tremendously. I don't think I can even accurately describe it. A few weeks ago, I prepared a talk for an upcoming weekend retreat. I talked about how God has used others in my life to bring me closer to Him. And how He uses me. After I presented it to the group, I looked around the room. many of the faces there have been a part of that influence. One of the ladies has known me since my freshman year, I mentioned how people there knew me from diferent times in my life. I said " Nikki knew me when I was still a heathen." To which she replied. "Oh yes, I remember making cookies with Sarah, praying, O Lord touch this girl." I laugh as I think about that.
Another person that knows me from that time in my life found out I was going to be leading this upcoming weekend. He said something along the lines of...Sarah, leading? Isn't that a lot of responsibilty, doesn't that take oraganization? Again I laugh. He knows me from back in the day. He is out of state now, so he does not see the me of today.
The truth is, I have become organized. Now my house may not be the cleanest or most organzied home, although this too has improved. Yet when it comes to planning, arranging, leading a group of people; I am finding, WOW, God has equipped me to do it. It has been a part of the change. Yes, it will benefit homeschooling. Even more so, I am seeing how it benefits the body of Christ. Amazing stuff this changing. How have you changed since you accepted Him?

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

How Our First Day of School Went

Yesterday, my children were up, on their own before 8. We ate breakfast, did our morning chores. At 8:30 they were asking to do school. Woohoo. First stop outside to take a first day of school picture. Then it was in to begin.

To start our day, we put on the music and had some praise and worship. We danced, we sang. Then we prayed for our day. After that we put on the armor. There is a simple song I learned at a conference a few months ago, so we sang it.
Standing on the Word
Doing what I heard
Praying in the Spirit
I've got my Helmet of Salvation
And my Righteous Breastplate
My girdle of truth
And my shield of Faith
I got the sword of the spirit
And my gospel feet shod
Standing on the Word of God

That's how we begin our day. This time will soon add a bible verse. (wink)

Then it was off to do our lessons. It flowed well. He paid attention. He liked it. Little girl did everything big bro did, sitting right at the table. Which worked well for the most part. We had some inturrupting when I tried to read a short poem. So I had to lay down the boundries with her. I ended up taking her to her room for the reading of the poem and she joined us again after it was done. What I learned? She will sit and listen to what we are doing. And I need to have some thing in front of her to do. Be it a paper to color, manipulatives or a puzzle. Something for her to do.

I introduced the concept of recess yesterday. I found it pretty funny. When the time was up I stood whistling on the porch. I could not find a whistle so I just used my lips. DS came laughing.

The time it took to complete the lessons were less than allotted, to my delight. So we shall see what our weekly plan works out to be. I am encouraged. It all seems very doable. I even believe we will have time for many enrichments. Library, zoo, field trips, time with friends, bible study for me, stuff.

Off to do it again!

Monday, August 28, 2006

The Weekend and a Prayer

It was brought to my attention that I had not blogged since Wednesday! Silly me. Thursday, was busy setting up for the free sale but not before going up to the hospital and smooching on my new nephew. Friday was the free sale. We had lots of new stuff. Blessed many people. I noticed this time that some peole were lonely and really needed someone to talk to. I had three in particular that I talked to for half hour or more. About their lives, their struggles and how they get by. At the end we still had alot of stuff, so we donated it to Goodwill.
Saturday, I dropped off tables to the church and goods to the mission store. Then it was some one on one with little girl before she headed out to sleep-over at grandmas. The boys went fishing, caught lots of fish. Threw most of them back but kep three. DS was oh so excited. He learned to bait his own hook, take the hook out and string up the fish. He also thought it was the best fish ever. When the boys returned, we met grandma at the new babies house. So hubby got to meet his new nephew, although he didn't want to hold him. Men. In the evening we, minus one, headed over to an end of summer get together. I was amazed at how the kids have grown and mutiplied. Funny how that happens. Then party ended with the cities display of fireworks, pretty impressive.
Sunday, little girl was returned from her sleep-over. She had a great time with grandma and poppa. Then it was of to church. Our afternoon consisted of lunch and fishing. Well, the boys fished and DD and I watched. we were out most of the afternoon and they only caught 2 non-keepers. So much for fish for dinner.
Today starts a whole new chapter in our lives. Today we officially start school. I have a Kindergartener. I have responsiblities to teach and guide. I am excited. I am also a bit nervous. How will I do? Will I be able to keep up on the house and follow through with all the lesson plans? I think so, but I do wonder about the house. How will everything fit together? Time will tell.
Blogging may be hit and miss for a bit as I fall into a new routine. I am still alive. All is well. Life is just changing in our midst and I am ready to embrace it.

Lord, we give you this school year. I thank you and praise you that you have guided all things. You have provided. I thank you for this precious time with my children. I thank you that you have entrusted them to my care. I accept the call to school them. To teach and guide. To show them more than their ABC's and colors. To show them you. To live out the faith everyday. Holy Spirit, come. Guide me, show me the way. Help me to prioritize all things. Help me to know when it is time for school, time for play and time to clean. Bring balance to this home. Help us to focus on all that is important and let us not be distracted by the evil one. Praise be unto you my Lord. I love you! See this through, in Christ name. AMEN!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow

Mid-morning I got a phone call that my sister-in-law was going to the hospital to be monitored. She was due for their first baby last Saturday. At noon I got a call that she was going to be induced and to make my way to the hospital. Which I did. I packed an overnight bag, just in case, dropped off the kids and headed over. When I arrived she was dialated to 4 and beginning to experience stronger contractions. At 8:05, my sweet new nephew was born. WooHoo! And I got to cut the cord. The whole birth experience is so amazing! Praise God for a healthy delivery.

Aunt Sarah holding the new bundle of joy. I told him I was going to be his favorite aunt. He didn't complain.

Healthy baby boy! 8lbs 8oz 21inches

Lesson Manuel

The cirriculum that was given to me by my friend was missing the teacher manuel. My thoughts originally was "this is Kindergarten, I am sure I can piece it together." Then I started looking at all the material and was not so sure how to proceed. So we searched the internet and Ebay came through. They had the lesson manuel. I placed a bid and left for camping. When I returned I found I had been outbid. Doh. Then I got a pleasent phone call. My friend knew that I was out of town so she bid for me. And won. She had made sure she wasn't outbidding me. I did not ask her to do this, she just did it. I am so thankful for her. It arrived yesterday afternoon. I was suppose to be cleaning my house but instead I thumbed through the manuel. 160 lessons. Thats what I found. So I got out the calander and counted it out. If we start the day after labor day we will be doing school every weekday until middle of May. With 4 weeks for winter and spring breaks.
Today I will take a deeper look at to what the lessons entail. Make a general plan. Look through the lessons to see if there are any supplements that I want to use or subtitutions I feel necessary.
"Lord, guide this process. Show me what to do and how to accomplish all that you would have me accomplish this school year."

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Potential Embarrassment

I had one of those moments today when you can see before it happens what is going to happen. The kids and I went to lunch at our favorite Mexican resturant. We were each given a water, the kids in styrofoam cups with lids. Thank you Lord! Then my son gets the great idea of lifting the side so he could sip out of it. The he started for his sisters. Um wait son, please do not do your sister's, she may spill it. I somehow KNEW she would spill it. Act commited, the lid now has a gapping hole on one side. YIKES! Two minutes later, if that, the spill happens, unfortunately ALL OVER ME. Not a splashed on your shirt, obvious it was a spill, kind of a spill. No a full frontal, looks like I pee'd my pants. My son gets a told you so look, I get an apology. I also got 20 minutes of sitting in ice cold water. A bit uncomfortable.
At the end of our meal, we got up, I paid the bill and we exited. Thankfully there was no choruses of laughter. No finger pointing. No I escaped unscathed. I canceled the trip to the library. I still had to go downtown to pay for the free sale ad. Thankfully they have large wall counters, and a empty lobby. A few people walked by and I just turned sideways. No one even knew. Well, know all of you know...oh well. Life goes on.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Wild At Heart

I have heard from friends, various teachings from the book over the last couple years. Last week my husband had a trip to Florida in which he listened to the audio book, Wild at Heart. There was a lot of things he got out of the book. Many things he had been doing were confirmed. DS and DH have an awesome relationship. Most nights I find the two of them wrestling around, one or the other in a headlock. Smiles on their faces. They joke in ways I do not understand. And for the most part they speak the same language and all is well.
After camping last weekend, DS proclaimed that he wanted a fishing pole and that he was saving his money to buy a new one. The kid has had his share of kid fishing poles and for one reason or another they always seem to die near the end of the year. So he wanted a new fishing pole. Not a kid pole. A real pole. And he set aside a sum of money to accomplish it. I tell you, when he has a goal; HE WILL MEET HIS GOAL.
So dad comes home from his trip. First stop the sporting goods store. Among their spoils: a sling shot, marbles, a fishing pole and a fishing hat. They came home, all smiles, set up a target in the backyard and went to slinging. DS steps up to the spot, put the marble in the jacket. DH starts to give him instructions on how to do it. DS cuts him short and says "I know dad." He aims, fires and hits the pole of the target. OK! Beaming smile, dad praises his shot. So the kid did have an idea how to do it. You see my sons bible hero has been for years, David. At age two he would do reinactments of the story of David and Goliath. "This battle belongs to the Lord." I have been shot down by imaginary rocks more times than I can count. So here stands my boy. With a real sling shot. Living out his dream to be like David from the bible. Not always hitting the mark but knowing that with pratice he could someday strike down a lion, or a bear or a gaint.
In the evening our whole family went out to the river for the baptism of the fishing line. The dog splashed about the water. Going deep to swim. The boys went about baiting the hook, casting, waiting and reeling it back in. They found the sweet spot and got a few fish. DS was bursting. I love it when my son smiles with his eyes. This is what he did all weekend. Can we say love tank full? Can we say the wild at heart fullfilled? I can say it was a precious weekend for my hubby and my son.
It ended like this. I went to bed, then I heard laughter in the hall. Hubby called me out to see. My son was in the bathroom. Kneeling on the counter. He was buzzing his head with the clippers. His dad put him up to it. My son had asked if he could cut his hair again. So his dad handed him over the clippers. It was quite a scene. Thankfully dad finished the work. Who knows what those boys will be up to next? Probably something wild!

Friday, August 18, 2006

Different Friends, Different Seasons

There have been so many different people that have shaped me throughout my life. My friends!
Growing up there were not many kids my age so I often played alone. Enter Amy, she was many years younger than me but that did not matter. We played Barbies, Little Pony and house. She brought elements on being a girl to my life.
In middle school there was Janie. Nearly every weekend I spent at her house. We would talk to all hours of the night. We would walk to the store buying ungodly amounts of candy and play Monopoly until our eyes hurt.
In high school there was Jennie. We were inseperable. We were nearly joined at the hip and for one day we actually were when we became the two headed fat farmer for halloween. With Jen I went through teen rebellion. We searched for who we were. We marched. Sang. Delivered pizza flyers for extra cash. We were there for each through male woahs. It was Jennie that joined me on Palm Sunday of my Sophmore year, when I knew God was calling me back to His church and I was to scared to go alone. From Jennie I learned not all childhoods are picture perfect. Not all homes are safe havens. From Jennie I learned that two are better than one.
When I graduated I did so a changed person, I had accepted Christ and my life was on a new path. A new season, new friends. At this time God brought about some healing. Rob, Rachel, Russ, Mike T, Kylie, Kristin, OYG and Visions. Each playing a role in shaping who I was.
At Visions I met my husband, he quickly became my new best friend. 4 months after we met we were engaged and 8 months after that we were married.
For awhile there our closest friends were much older than us. Our small group at church was nearly twice our age. It was a time of mentoring and growth. Natilie, Cheryl, Kathy and Micky were Godly women that encouraged me.
With the birth of our son, a new season was born. A new mommy, needing new mommy friends. When he was 6 months old I was invited to be a part of a mom and me play group. 6 moms and their 6 kids all close in age. All our firsts. We met together often. We encouraged each other through sleepless nights. We talked out new experiences. We grew envious when another child's exceled. As time went on some ladies moved away, the group ceased but one relationship stood strong. Sheri and I continued on. We both joined a MOPS group and saw each other regularly. It was not uncommon to have hour long conversations with Sheri and see her that day as well. Our sons are 3 weeks apart in age, so they are close buds. I don't know exactly how the drift happened but it did. We went from talking daily to barely talking at all. Yesterday, we went to visit her. It had been way too long. From Sheri I have learned that relationships with women are vital. That there are others that experience many of the same ups and downs as I do. I hope to be closer in the future than we have been this past year.
When my son was still small we changed churchs, changing small groups. We went from being the youngest in our small group to a group were everyone was young marrieds begining families. From this group we met some awesome couples. Even cooler ladies; Erin, Kari, Chalice, Carla, Bridget, Sarah, Kellie, Jessica. And I gained a new best friend, Melissa. Our love for our children and our love for games made us fast friends. We love games. We can sneak in a game of Quiddler like no other. Kids on laps, playing in the other room, whenever, however. When Survivor hit the airways. We heaed out to each others homes. It became our time alone together. I suppose we are both responsible for the recent onslaught of reality shows. Oh well! With rises in gas prices it is hard for us to get together as often as we would like. There will always be love for Melissa.
Bridget, it doesn't matter how far away you go. I will always love you too. You make me laugh. You challenge me. And you bless me. Thanks for the recent surprise.
A few years ago I joined a ladies small group at church. From the outside you would have looked at us and thought we have nothing in common. If we were anything it was diverse. Thankfully we were much more. We were women opened to loving, laughing and learning together. You each have a special place in my life.
A precious jewel in my life is Jenny. When I picture her I actually see shimmering jewels. She is a friend that prays. And more specifically she prays for me and with me. She will call out of the blue and ask what I need prayer for. And when she asks I know she follows through. We have a deep spiritual connection. She knows in her spirit when to be praying for me. We may not see each other often or talk everyday. But when we do it is always something of substance.
Sherry, my dear sweet sister-in-law. She is a breath of fresh air. She lives life for God and loves him with her whole being. She encourages me in my faith. She encourages me as a mother and as a wife. I love her! I am so thankful I married into a relationship with her that has really developed and blossumed over the last couple years.
Kellie, I love growing with you. I love how you seek out truth and deeper answers than the words of man. I look forward to many more years with you by my side.
Mindy, you have been there through moments of sheer panic and moments of great joy. You love my children as your own. I love how we can talk about deep things. I love your heart.
Kristina, while we have only just begun. You are already very special to me. Thanks for pursueing the scriptures with me. Thanks for opening up your life to someone you have never really met.
So many more online that I would have never imagined touching my life the way you do! Thanks blogger for opening up a whole new world of relationships, people otherwise I would have never met. Touching my life daily.

Wow the more I think about it, the more I realize I have been touched by so many women. My life shaped by different people at different seasons. And because of it I am all the better.

Shout out of love to my friends, new and old!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Learning Self-Control

Out of the forty some that went camping, two of us came back with Poison Ivy. Myself included. While it is not a bad case of it, it still itches. It is still a complete and total test of self-control. It is mainly on my arm and there are intense moments when I want to scratch the daylights out of it. I can tell I have matured through the years because in past cases I have done just that. Itch, itch, itch, scratch, scratch, SCRATCH. Extending the damage and irritation to weeks. This last bout I decided to do a little research on the internet to see what others do. OH MY, the things people do. Go search it yourself, if you want to be grossed out. There was one lady that seemed practical and hopeful. So I went to the store in search of her recommendations. Aveeno bath, anti-itch gel and benadryl. I have to say this is a pleasant treatment plan. I have noticed drastic changes. It has NOT spread, Hallalluia! And I have been able to refrain from scratching. I also tried something different yesterday. After a hot shower I dried the couple of spots that were still itching and covered them with new skin; the nail polish like bandage. It seems to be working as well. I believe this case of poison ivy is nearly out the door. I am learning self-control.

For a month now I have been doing a once weekly fast. No food from midnight to dusk on the day of the fast. It is for a specific purpose and I will continue to do so until released from it. Which at this point is unknown. Weeks, months, years? I am learning how much food has a hold of me. It is not so much the waking up, it is closer to noon that I begin to feel the hunger. The kids go about their normal day, eating and snacking. I still need to prepare meals. I may still need to go to the store. So I am still surrounded by it. There are temptations. Thekids will still offer me things to eat. Although DS is beginning to understand. At the close of the last day, I was watching the clock for official sunset. As soon as it came I devoured some sweet potato chips. I did not have self control. I am learning self-control.

With this computer, I know I have spent accessive time on it. Yesterday after I finished my designated time, I turned off the computer. Throughout the day I would come back to it, and I realized how much I am in and out on the computer in the course of one day. I did turn it back on to pay the bills, while on I snuck a look at my email. Then turned it back off. I did not have time for all the wonderful blogs I like to visit. I am hoping I will here and there. But I have made a commitment and I will do what I need to do to see it through. Afterall I am learning self-control.

1 Thessalonians 5:8But since we belong to the day, let us be self-controlled, putting on faith and love as a breastplate, and the hope of salvation as a helmet.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Counting The Cost

What does it really cost to follow Christ? What does it really look like to follow after Him?
I mean we can say we are Christ followers. But if we only say it with our mouths and do not live like it, who are we? The teaching last night in our bible study was about counting the cost. Yes, there is a cost to follow Jesus. Yes, there are things we need to give up to live a life of holiness. What is it we run to? What is it for you? The TV, computer, sex, drugs, your fast car, tabloids, food or alchohol; what is it for you? For me, it is the computer. If I am feeling stressed, I sit down and let cyberspace consume my thoughts. I check and recheck email throughout the day. It eats up precious minutes of my day. It has gotten out of whack. So what do I do? Turn it off completely? Perhaps, but I feel that it falls more under the lines of balance. If I can accomplish what I need to accomplish, then walk away. So be it. If I keep returning, then maybe I turn it off for the remainder of the day.
There are things God calls us to do to become more like Him. It may be give up a certain TV show. It may be stop eating or drinking a certain food. It may be clean up your language. Whatever it is, obedience is what I long for. For in obeying, comes Christlikeness. Which I am far from. Yet as He removes things from my life, I can become more and more like Him. He will be ever working on me. When one thing is accomplished, we will start working on another. Then another. Then another. There is a cost, it is hard to say no to the flesh. It hurts sometimes to say no to that which your flesh desires. Your change may displease family and friends around you.

Luke 14:25-30 Large crowds were traveling with Jesus, and turning to them he said: 26"If anyone comes to me and does not hate his father and mother, his wife and children, his brothers and sisters—yes, even his own life—he cannot be my disciple. 27And anyone who does not carry his cross and follow me cannot be my disciple.
28"Suppose one of you wants to build a tower. Will he not first sit down and estimate the cost to see if he has enough money to complete it? 29For if he lays the foundation and is not able to finish it, everyone who sees it will ridicule him, 30saying, 'This fellow began to build and was not able to finish.'

Will you finish? Will you allow the Lord who has begun a good work in you to complete it? Or will you walk away? Will you care more what your mother, father, sister brother think? Which by the way the word hate in the above text means to love less. So will you love them less then your Lord? The scripture says if we do not we can not be his disciple. Will you take up your cross and follow Him? No matter what the cost? Let it be so for me!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Diet Coke and Mentos Video

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This is attempt one from night two with the loader method.
Yes it is me loading. No I did not get a video of the time it went up my nose. Although some family members should have pictures of it.

Open Office

I am so happy! A friend told me about this program, you can download it for free. I did so and now I can open documents from Excel and Word. I am sure I can do more with it but I have not played with it yet. It did open a file I needed though. WooHoo!

Thanks Matt!

Training The Trainer

I decided the week before camping that we were indeed taking the dog on this camping trip. I was not going to leave her crated for long periods of time and have the neighbors take her out. It was just something I did not want to do. I also did not want to back track on all the progress we had made, so she came with.
I packed her crate, dog food, bones, balls and leash. The crate took up a lot of space in the back of my vehicle but it was well worth it! Arriving at camp, I attatched the lead to a tree. Barking. Whining. Unfimilar territory. I had much to do and I could not have her by my side that whole time, so I brought out her crate and put her in. Her safe zone, but she still wanted to be near me and she could see me walking around. So there was still whining.
I set up the tent and screen room. The kids rode their bikes. Then I had a great idea moment. Our screen room as an annex on it, useful for storing things while camping. This year that little room was for the dog. Her crate fit perfectly inside. Windows added perfect ventilation, yet was enclosed so she felt safe and could not see me, whining ceased! WooHoo.
After camp was set up, we decided to take her for a good walk and perhaps a swim. So we headed out on the trial, conveniently located right behind the screen room. On the leash for a bit then as we traveled more away from camp, I let her run. Run she did! She loved it. She was like a torpedo, zooming up and down the trail. It turns out she is a pointer, paw in the air, she would get a good scent and follow the trail. Amazingly she would NOT go out of my sight. She would look back to make sure she could see me. When I called, she came! I know amazing.
We made our way to the lake and I wanted to see what she would do in a real body of water, so I let her off the leash again and she plunged right in. Eating the water. Leaping. She was in doggie heaven.
As God would have it he had a blessing in store for us this last weekend. One of the campers camping with us in our group was a dog trainer.Throughout the weekend she would give me tips on how to get Kasi to respond. I followed her advise and had great results. We began with a pocket full of treats. And as she responded I would reward her. This method works wonderful with our dog. Throughout the process I learned that first you must train the trainer, then you can train the dog. So I let her train me. Before she left I asked on how to do some specifics and she went through it with me. It was God-Sent.
My husband also learned what not to do. Like, DO NOT TIE THE DOG with her nylon leash. She WILL chew through it. Thankfully the reason she chewed through it was she wanted to be with me, so she came directly to me once she was free. I think I will be picking up a metal leash for some house training I want to do.
So, our dog is becoming a good girl. By the end of our time, she would not bark at other dogs, she went with me nearly everywhere and obeyed. I could let her off leash and she would come back immediately. Good dog, afterall.
As we got ready to leave yesterday, we were loading up the boat. I stood on the dock. The beach was completely empty so I let her run for a bit before putting her in the crate for the ride home. She splashed around the water, then realized it was deep near the dock so she went swimming. Before long she was diving off the dock into the water. Swimming around and jumping off agin. It was so funny. So not only is she a swimmer, she is a diver. Who knew? I knew she loved water but I did not know that she was such a good swimmer. I need to find a good place around here to take her because she really loves it.
So that was camping with the dog. Still more camp stories to come. Hopefully blogger pictures will cooperate so I can post some pictures.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Family Camp

Family camp is the time of year that all my family gets together to go camping. My parents, siblings, neices, nephews, aunts, cousins and life long friends. This year we had 30+ campers with many daytime visitors. We had a blast. Less the poison ivy and mosquito bites, those we could have done without.
What is family camp without activities? We had lots to choose from. Boating, swimming, biking, hiking, luminaries, rocket launchers, Diet Coke and Mentos, sand art, necklace and crown making, bike decorating complete with parade, bingo, snake toss, reading, sleeping...and much more. Something for everyone.
So I mentioned Diet Coke and Mentos... Do you recall the link I shared regarding them? Well, we could not let them have all the fun so we decided to try it ourselves. Not really following their recommendations of prestringing and such. NOPE we didn't. Instead we tried stuffing them in and getting out of the way. Here is what we learned... Diet Coke and Mentos react VERY quickly! It does not understand you are not out of the way yet. It WILL spray in your face. It will go up your nose. It will make people laugh and it is sure to impress the crowd. Night two we took my aunts advice and fashioned a loader tube out of a paper towel roll sized to the bottle top. We were much more successful with this method. I highly recommend you run, walk, bike to your nearest store and pick up and bottle of Diet Coke and a package of mentos. While there get more than one. various children over the weekend:
"Bible study at 10 o'clock"
"The dog used to know me, I don't think he recognized me because I cut my hair."
"My brother and I were borned out of the hole on my mommies leg."
"This is awesome!"
"My favorite was the rocket wait, it was the pop that blew up."
"Am I going to live?"
"Hurry...I think there are killer bees in the forest."
"This is a really long walk."
"Here's another clay pit."
"Wait for me."
Feel free to add to this list.
We had 15 kids ranging from 11 months to 16. So they were a good source of entertainment.

More on camping to come....I should go do something productive


We have returned from camping. Details to follow. First I must unpack.

We had 10 dogs and the following recieved these awards.
Best Dog: Corky
Most Improved: Kasi
Strongest: Sassy
Bad Dog: Hercules
Best Swimmer: Kasi
Loudest: ?? Close Call, Many had their turn.
Lap Dogs Katie, Tippy and Gabby
Highest Leap in the air: Shaggy

Stay tuned. Camping stories to come.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Next Free Sale

Hello Mid Michigan
Another free sale is now scheduled. Friday August 25, 9-4
Contributions welcome! Email for details.
Happy cleaning.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Flip Flop Feet

I never before have been fond of flip flops. This year me and my flip flops are inseperable!
You could call me a barefoot child. I got married bare foot. Oh yes I did. I love the feeling of grass between my toes. I love freedom and shoes seem so ...restrictive. Unfortuantely, it is of utmost importance to my husband, for our kids to wear shoes when they are outside. So I must lead my example..sigh..and wear shoes myself. Enter flip flops. Sweet Hallelujah!!Wherever I go, they go. Slip on, kick off. I love it!

They are worn perfectly to my fitting. Comfy Cozy.

The other night after I kicked off the flip flops, I was amazed at how filthy my feet were. They were caked with filthy. I went about washing them, scrubbing them. Scrub a dub dub. You know what? They still look dirty. No matter how hard I scrub. Filthy flip flop feet.

I got thinking about Christ. He walked everywhere! He wore thong like sandals probably similar to flip flops. Imagine how dirty his feet must have been. And those of the disciples. I bet they had a serious case of filthy flip flop feet. The more I thought about it, the more it drew me to scriptures. Washing feet is mentioned 20 times in the bible. Interesting. The scripture I love the most on this subject is when Jesus washed the disciples feet. With a basin of water and a towel on his hip, he washed the feet, the filthy feet of the ones he loved. I imagine the love in his eyes as he carefully cleansed. I think about Peter, he said "you shall never wash my feet." The Lord responded with "unless I wash you, you have no part with me." The job of foot washing was that of the household servant. Yet the master humbled himself and served. One by one, an intimate moment. I am not sure about you, but I have been on both the giving and receiving end of a foot washing. And it is beautiful. Now I have done so with relatively clean feet. How much more the love and compassion when you are truly dirty, with filthy flip flop feet?

Lord, cleanse me from the inside out.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Monday, August 07, 2006


Today has been a roller coaster. I have been both up and down. The down got turned around with prayer and a pleasent turn of events...YEAH!

The team for the weekend I am responsible for is nearly complete. Two positions left to be confirmed. With meetings beginning a week from Saturday, things are coming together nicely. Praise God! He has been so faithful through this process, giving answers in unexpected ways. I am telling you...God is good! All the time!

I am constantly amazed at how my son is growing up. Yesterday was a new one for us. My husband mowed the lawn and near the end of it DS rode with him. My hubby realized he was now tall enough to reach the peddles so he had him try it out. They practiced together for a bit then my hubby decided to let him try it BY HIMSELF. My son was thrilled! You could not have wiped that smile off of his face. He did amazingly well. He drove it up and down the yard for over 10 minutes. He loved it. He did so well I could not complain. Instead I grabbed the camara and took some pics. (Blogger not letting me post...perhaps later.)

On Friday I went over to Kellie's. This year she has a huge garden. Huge garden means lots of work. So I went over to help prep for some canning. Kristin was able to join us so the three of us enjoyed ourselves while accomplishing much. We shelled peas and cut beans. Now I used to have a thing about green vegtables. No more. I actually ate a fresh green bean...possible picture to come of that one. It is amazing how friends can make tedious work fun and enjoyable.

The dog is doing ok. She is staying. She still has her moments. Like today she ate 2 rolls of toilet paper while I was on the phone. And as for the more aggressive than I like, I think it is the fact that she is bigger than she knows what to do with. She has yet to learn the concept of gentle. We work on it daily but her big old paws are clumsy. She had also been playing rough with them out in the yard. Taking them down; pinning them. I think we have got the order of dominance worked out and she hasn't tried that in a while. Alot of it is her wanting/demanding attention.

There is a song on the Kidmo is an awesome worship cd for kids (and their parents). The lyrics of the song say "It's not stuff that I got, it's not clothes that I wear. I know what I am not. I'm not these things, they're just things. I am one of kind. I am totally new. It's in you that I find. Everything, your everything to me." I love this cd. I just discovered you can watch the video. Go to above link the song is #3 Everything.

I am sure there is more random stuff, hanging around but that is what comes to mind. Have a great day!

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Me and My Shadow

With DS gone to grandmas for a sleep-over and DH out with the guys, it was time for another date with my girl. We ran some errands then it was off to dinner. We choose Applebees. She decided we should sit next to each other, rather than across from each. Our entree? Crispy Orange Chicken bowl. Yum! It is our favorite. We chatted the meal away...just girls, no boys.

After dinner I gave her the choice between swimming at the Y or going to the toy store. She choose the toy store. Tree House Toys is fantastic. It is a hands-on play with the toys, toy store. A kids dream. We walked in and she spied the trains but there was a boy playing at the table so she walked on by. I tried a race track but could not get the car to do the loopty-loop. So on we went. To the doll house. Not just any doll house. A bunny and bear house. We put them to bed. Arranged the kitchen. Dressed them. Took them out to play in the sand box...we played at the doll house for.....awhile. Finally she said good bye to the bunnies and we were off again. Next stop the scooter. She rode it around the loop a few times then spied a big wheel. She ditched the scooter and hopped on the "bike." She went around and around and around until I suggested we see what else there was. Next interest, the baby in the stroller. I am not sure what it is with things on wheels but my daughter is drawn to them. The baby got to go around the store a few times before DD put her to bed. Next, a tent. Then a piano. Then I was treated to a plastic sandwich. She was having a great time. We made our way full circle and said good bye to the Tree House.
When we had left the house DD had doughnuts on the brain. When I asked her what we should have for dinner she kept saying doughnuts. So we decided that after dinner we would go to Krispy Kreme. We watched the breif tour of the doughnut making process then went to make our selection. The lady gave us two fresh glazed doughnuts and DD picked out a sprinkle. With hot chocolate and donuts in hand we found some swivel chairs and went to work eating our donuts. DD ate half the sprinkle then a bit of the fresh.
DD: Mom, my hands are sticky.
DD: I want to wash my hands.
ME: Just a sec. Left me finish this donut, then we can go wash hands.
DD: You are wasting time. You can't waste time...let's go.

I smiled then giggled then roared with laughter. She got a twinkle in her eye and started laughing too. Then it was off to wash our hands. Afterall no wasting time.

We had a great time together with many sweet conversations. As we were walking in the door, she said "Let's go mommy, no wasting time.....I'm just kidding."

Friday, August 04, 2006


The Lord taught me a lesson this morning!
For the last couple of days a specific person has been on my mind. I felt like she was to be a part of a weekend I am responsible for. I was unclear as to how she was to serve. Back table or Table leader...auxilary?? I could not put my finger on it. This morning the Lord gave me a dream with this person in it. Long dream short; yes she was to serve. And the position she was to serve. At the close of the dream I was to call her, on her cell phone. I woke up. With excitement and enthusiasm I found her number. There was a home and a cell. Figuring she was still at home I called there first. A groggy voice answered, sounding less than she was not home. I should wait until 8 and call her on her cell was the suggestion. So I waited an hour then called her cell. She was up and recieved my call warmly. I was able to communicate what it was I needed to say. I apologized for waking up her mom. The kicker? She was on the road when I had the dream and had been driving that whole time I was waiting. If I had obeyed the her cell phone...I would have got her and not have disturbed the mom. Doh.

Those little details! They can be so important. Sometimes they are the difference between obedience and disobedience. Reading yesterday 1 Samuel 15:20 Saul says I did obey the Lord. Which he did follow the just of the command but he failed on obeying the details. He allowed the people to persuade him and as a result the Lord rejected him. This morning I allowed my own reasoning persuade me to call the house rather than the cell. Forgive me Lord. Lesson learned. Follow to the T the commands of the Lord. It may be the difference between life and death; rejection and protection.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Domino Effect

Inspired this:
And on and on it went...
Didn't check out the link? Go there now.


Still plugging away at the 90 days through the bible. Today I found myself in 1 Samuel. What tresures in this book.
1 Samuel 10:6 The Spirit of the LORD will come upon you in power, and you will prophesy with them; and you will be changed into a different person.

Wow...that sums it up. When the Spirit of the Lord comes upon you; you are changed! How very true!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

School In The Home

Yesterday we started back to school. Well, kinda. We started Teach Your Child To Read in 100 Easy Lessons. It is such an easy to follow reading plan. Introducing sounds slowly and building upon skills until 100 lessons later they are reading. The lesson takes 15-20 minutes a day. So for the month of August we will be doing this as our intro to school. Then the plan is to go full gear in September. I figure the 20 minute commitment will get us both ready. DS is very excited and runs to get the book when I tell him it is time. In fact yesterday he convinced me to do 2 lessons. I am also making the mental commitment to read a minimum of 3 books daily. It ends up being more like 5-6 because once the books come out they keep coming.

On my to do list for this week is to set our fall schedule. WooHoo.
Part of the lesson is writing...can you guess what the first two sounds are?

Today we added aaaaaa also known as the letter A


This morning I took a shower with my dog. I had not intended on showering with my dog. After my morning bible reading, the kids were still asleep so as not to wake them I brought the dog into the bathroom with me. The good news is that she did not wake the kids. This dog loves water....L.O.V.E.S. IT! And I am beginning to love this dog.
God is doing a work. He is transforming my heart and mind. Last week I was ready to give up on her, done as I put it. But the Lord got ahold of me. In the prayer closet. He asked if he had given up on me. And the answer to that is no. He showed me that her heart is good, she is not a malicious dog; she is an untrained dog. And as an untrained dog she could be trained. He showed me how he loves me and never gives up; even though I still need much training. He is patient, loving and kind. So am I to be patient, loving and kind to this dog.
Stan Johnson has stated"If you have family problems, your solution is in the prayer closet. If you have personality problems or sin problems, your solution is in the prayer closet. The answer to whatever you need is in the prayer closet." You know what? It is true! I took that dog to the prayer closet. And God spoke clear direction on what I am to do. Some specific do not do's. And praise the Lord this dog is responding!
She still has a long way to go. She has come a long way. And she is staying in our home. Work it may be, but it is worth it.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

I Had A Dream

In my dream I was sitting at the apostles feet. He was teaching on many things. Then he began to stand over me to make a point. He said when there is three you must make a choice. You are one, something happens to you. Where do you turn? At this point in my dream the Lord began to speak to me. He said you choose the one you have a relationship with! The one you know best. The one you love. The one you know will care for you. Some will choose out of convience. They will choose based on who has more money, the bigger house, the better cook, the one that will serve their needs best...but I tell you when they arrive at this brothers house he will say away from me for you do not love me. So will it be with me...many come to me only in their time of need and I will say away from me for I never knew you. I asked "Lord, how will they know if they know you?" "They must spend time with me, they must be in the prayer closet. Daily." Then I woke up.

Matthew 7:23Then I will tell them plainly, 'I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!'