Saturday, July 19, 2014

#11 Italian Sub Stoup and Garlic Toast Floaters

Stoup, what is a stoup? Good question. It is what Rachael Ray defines as thicker than soup, thinner than stew. Stoup. This one had a blend of three meats; sweet Italian sausage, pepperoni and steak ham. I switched out the gemelli pasta with Tinkyada spirals after I searched up and down the pasta aisle to see what gemelli pasta even was. It turns out it is a kind of twist and I still had some spiral noodles left from the mac-n-cheese, win!
 This recipe called for making your own croutons. In the store DD kept saying we can just buy GF croutons. I was stubborn though and said no. The real reason was because I wanted to learn how to make them. So we did. We were rushing around trying to complete the meal before we had to head out to a potluck at the community garden so we did not take any extra pictures, only the ingredients pic and the final dish.
Italian Sub Stoup with Garlic Toast Floaters
I almost forgot to take the after picture as we rushed out the door for the garden. While at the garden I was engaged in conversation and enjoying the moment. I know mom got some pictures, I however did not. There was only a couple and a half left at the end, which is a good thing since I still needed a picture. I would say it went over pretty well, especially since most in attendance do not eat meat or pork. Those who do seemed to enjoy it.
The garlic toast floaters were great. Good flavor, nice crisp, gluten free thanks to Udi's baguettes.
Thumbs up from me.

I decided I wanted to make something for the potluck too, so I settled on making Harvest Cake. It is a family recipe that is DE-LISH-OUS! I told my mom I wanted to make it all by myself, but she was available if I needed help.
Here is the batter in the mixer.
Tada! Harvest Cake. The people loved it and it was gone within minutes. ;)
As for the Stoup, I was not a fan of it but I did like the garlic toast floaters and my Harvest Cake. -DD

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