Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Dreamer: Inspired by a true story

This weekend I watched this movie at the hotel. The room was actually cheaper to go with the movie package (???) so Friday night with DD sound asleep DS and I set out to watch a movie. There was MANY to choose from. In the end it was between Fever Pitch and Dreamer. I had wanted to see Fever Pitch(PG-13) with Drew Berrymore when it was in the theater. But it is rare I actually make it to the theater. I ended up choosing Dreamer; it looked kid friendly and was rated PG. It was such a delightful and refreshing movie. Ben Crane (Kurt Russel) and Cale Crane (Dakota Penning) are a father and daughter who live on an empty horse ranch. That is until they take in an injured horse. It is a story of family, faith and responsibility. The filming is breathtaking, rich characters and great morals. I most definately give it my recommendation.

Upon going to their site I was further impressed. They intentionally made this a family friendly film. There are activities to do as a family. Small group discussions with scripture and biblically sound material. Way to go DreamWorks! It is not that often that a movie with such quality and values come together. It does the heart good to see something like this come out of Hollywood.

So if you haven't already seen it, go rent it. Your in for a treat.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Photo Shows

Photo Shows

I have been playing....view at site above.


This weekend we suprised my friends in Ohio with an unexpected visit. We had a great time visiting, eating and playing. Highlights of the trip:
  • Meeting Elijah
  • Dinner out with Chalice
  • Swimming at the hotel
  • Cleveland Zoo
  • Blessing and being blessed

Thanks to Mindy who turned me on to PhotoShow! Here is a PhotoShow of our trip to the Cleveland Zoo. Enjoy

Thursday, January 26, 2006

To Be A Blessing

I am excited! God has laid on my heart to be a blessing to someone. He has given me a plan and now it is to be determined the exact timing. I hope it will be this weekend. God is good!

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Teaching Mr. Pig

Everyday when I lay DD down for her nap, DS and I spend some time together doing school. It is a nice time of one on one. The format is pretty flexible and laid back. He has been learning letters, sounds, numbers and basic math. Yesterday a new student showed up for school. He is about 5 inches long, 3 inches tall. He is pink and rather cute. It was DS's piggy bank whom I shall call Mr. Pig. DS announced that Mr. Pig wants to learn so he would be doing school with us today. OK, this could be fun. Mr. Pig was an excellent student. He answered evey question he was asked (in a high pitch pig voice performed by DS.) He could read big words like January and Tuesday. He could spell, and loved to learn. This pig was good! DS also enjoyed showing him everything he knew. When it came time to try something new, DS was more than willing to try and Mr. Pig was impressed. It was a lot of fun having Mr. Pig around.

If he shows up today....I may just let him stick around.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006


I am truly disappointed in my son. Today there was an action...which I will not go into details. I don't want to embarrass or hold onto the wrong. I called DH and together we determined the consequence. Which I feel matched the offense very well. In completing his consequence, truths came out. It saddens me that he was not truthful before when specifically asked about things. Teachable moments!
Truth is big to me. You speak the truth in ALL things. Get it out in the beginning so it doesn't turn into anything bigger. This is not new to my kids. We have chosen not to do traditional things, so that we can honestly say we have spoken the truth to them in all things. They know the truth. I guess I am proud of him for coming clean. The truth shall set you free. Now I need to let it go, not guilt and shame and let him be free.

Dozen- An Egg Game

Here is a game for you. Launch an egg upward to the next nest. Be careful and time it right or you lose your egg. You have a dozen eggs to make it as far up as you can.
The first time I played I got 30...current high score 420. DS loves playing this game and his current high is 200. Are you going to be beat by a four year old? Enjoy.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Incredible Pictures

I love this action shot of DS!

Believe it or not this is our humble neighborhood park.
It has a resort feel from this angle.

We went sledding with my friend Karen and her family. It was her camara that took these pictures. Thanks Karen!

Rocks of Rememberance

Sunday's sermon was out of Joshua 3 & 4 when the Isrealites cross over the Jordan River. The Lord went before them pushing back the flood water so that the people could pass through on dry land. When they arrived at the other side they were told to set up rocks of rememberence to serve as a sign. So that future generations would know what the Lord had done. To be a memorial.
The service included some incredible testimonies of God's faithfulness and His peace. One family had been through a head on car collision and walked away, God had protected them. Another had their home destroyed by fire but God saved them, that night they were all out of the home, instead of in the rooms that were destroyed. They talked about there experiences very openly, the strengths and weaknesses they felt. I cried!
Pastor Brad encouraged us to all think of how God has moved in our lives. Wether it be 10 years ago, last year, last week or yesterday...God has moved! And to not let those things he has done be forgotten. The congregation wrote on post-it notes some of those things he has done and attatched them to a memorial in the atrium. There were some incredibly awesome things posted. Marriages healed, lives saved, God's provision...on and on thousands of yellow post-its testifying to God's goodness.
As a part of a bible study last year we were asked to do a timeline of our lives. Highlighting milestones and remembering what God has done. I think it is time to bring that out....and remember.

Thursday, January 19, 2006


This is a clip from The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, I laughed so hard I cried. Funny stuff ...click here.


DD's noggin is doing well. She still touches it and says "ow-ey"

DS's eye is doing great. We removed the adhesive strips last night. Suprisingly there was hardly any bruising. I had expected a huge shiner but really there is only slight discoloration under his eye. He says he hates our church and that platform thingy. So pray for him, that fear does not become an issue. That he can work through his feelings of what happened.

Kasi and the cats are working out ranks. One cat is completely fine with her and will even eat with her. The other does not like the intrusion and is set out to prove who owns the house in the animal realm. It is rather comical at times. Kasi wanting to pursue the cat and just play. And the cat sitting on her throne planning on how to antanganize the dog. I think overall they are handling things well. In the above picture notice how good Kasi is just sitting there.

At times DD is intimidated by Kasi. In this moment she is happy about her puppy. DD is usually nervous around dogs at first because they get excited and jump up on her. We are working with her to tell the dog down and no. Using her words and not to be afraid. For the record she does like the dog.

Kasi is adjusting great! Going to church Sunday was the first time she was completely alone (in her crate.) That was a blessing. As of Sunday night she is no longer whimpering and crying when she is put in her crate. Potty training is for the most part successful. She prefers snow over rain. I am learning her cues therefore things are always improving. Puppies chew, so I am still having to be watchful of this. She is a retreiver so she likes to steal socks, shoes, toys...yesterday her sock count was 9 I believe. She is very gentle and fun. Loves to cuddle. We are having fun with her.
Now your up to date...if there is anything I missed...ask!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Child Abuse

As a part of the youth retreat in March I underwent Child Abuse Prevention training on Saturday. It was horrifying and sad the statistics and evidence that was shared during that class. In 1998 3 million cases were reported, 3,000 children died as a result of abuse, 1 child is abused every 10 secends. There are 5 primary forms of Child Abuse; physical, emotional, neglect, sexual and ritual abuse. 80% of perpetrators know their victims. URG!! It really iritates me!
Last night DD got a goose egg when she was bumped into a chair by her cousin who was running enthusiaticaly around her. It was so sad. It was instantly swollen and she wobbled over to me and passed out. I have never seen my children do anything like this and it was very freaky. I put frozen green beans on her bump and cuddled with her. I checked her eyes and they were dialating fine. After observing all night she is fine. She tells you I bumped my head..with a pouty lip. My kids and their noggins! It was sort of intimidating going shopping with them all banged up. You never know how other people will react. No one was suspecting or rude but you just never know. It made me thankful there were witnesses to both of the incidences that occured. It made me sick to think that someone may think I had hurt them. And even sicker to think others DO intentionally hurt children.
I guess I shall close with possible signs of child abuse.
  • Hostile and aggresive behavior
  • Fearfulness toward parent or adults
  • Destructive towards self or others
  • Burns, facial injuries, patterns of repetitious bruises
  • Unexplainable fractures or bruises inappropriate for child's development

They did explain that young children often have bruising on head, arms and legs normal to development. And to look for bruises of different coloring or stages of healing.

Other signs include:

  • Depression or withdrawl
  • Severe lack of self-esteem
  • Failure to Thrive
  • Speech or eating disorders
  • Inappropriate dress for climate
  • Begs or steals food; hides food
  • Untreated Medical conditions
  • Poor hygeine
  • Unusually advanced sexual knowledge
  • Promiscuous behavior
  • Runs away from home and refuses to return
  • Frequent headaches, stomach aches, fatigue
  • Fear of the dark
  • Nightmares

Obviously children may exhibit some of these symptoms and not have been abused or neglected. But if you feel that a child in your presence, care or circle of influence is being abused notify the proper authorities. Abuse must be stopped!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Transition Fatigue?

Is there such a thing as transition fatigue?
If so I am experiencing it! It seems that I am exhausted and after many hours of dilegent watching I mentally am checking out. Kasi is very well behaved and her bahaviors are typical puppy, so it is not her so to speak. I think it is the change from my normal routine. Added responsibilty perhaps. Is this normal?

Job' Friends

I mentioned I am back in my study on the fruits of the spirit. This morning's study I was reading in the book of Job. For those of you not familiar with Job's story I will recap for you. (The complete and unabridged version is found in the book of Job.) Job is a successful business man, blameless and upright before God. He has much wealth; servants, flocks, family, a relationship with God. One day Satan goes to the Lord and questions wether Job would bless the Lord if he lost it all. The Lord consents to the trail saying do not touch Job but everything he has is now in Satans hands. He loses his flocks, his servants, his children. In mourning he still praises the name of the Lord. Satan comes before the Lord again and says skin for skin, strike his flesh and surely he will curse you. The Lord consents telling Satan he must spare his life. Job is afflicted with painful sores from head to toe. Still he does NOT curse God. Yet he becomes full of despair.

Now here is the part I want you to take notice of: Three of Job's friends come to comfort him. When they see him they began to weep and mourn. "Then they sat on the ground with him for SEVEN DAYS and seven nights. No one said a word to him, because they saw how great his suffering was."(2:13) When Job did speak it was words of despair but not cursing.

Where are you? Are you in moments of peace or turmoil? Are you in the midst of a storm, that you are finding hard to stand up in? Take comfort my friend. The Lord your God is with you wherever you go! He is with you in times of joy and in sorrow. He has also placed people in your lives that can be with you in your hard times; your darkest hours. Now your friends may not always offer the best advice...just as Job's friends. My prayer is that each of you would be drawn back to the Lord. That you would be able to Praise his name in all things. Draw near to Him. For true peace can come only from Him.

Remember your not alone....I am here if you need me.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Todays Verse

Todays verse on the side screen is from Galatians 5:16. How fitting! This week my ladies bible study will be starting up after taking a 6 week break. We are studing the fruits of the spirit and living by the spirit. We have already covered Love and Joy and now move on to Peace. I look forward to this study, to time with my ladies and daily discipline in completing the homework.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Joy and Sorrow

Last night I had such a great time playing games with my girlfriends. In the end I laughed so hard I cried and my abdominal muscles felt like they had a workout. Thank you to all my ladies. You bless me!
Today at church we had trauma. DS was running down the hallway and tried to go around two ladies; hitting full force into a sign-in sheet platform. He hit it so hard it ripped off the wall. He has a gash under his right eye. We checked it out atUrgent Care and fixed it up with strips to keep the wound closed. He was a trooper, hesitant but overall co-operative. There is a strong possability he will have a scar. Doh
On a happier note: Kasi is doing very well. We are pleased with her temperment; calm and loving. Potty-training is going great! She does miss her mama, at night she cries for her. I have been laying down next to her crate, turning on the sound machine to heartbeat and gently saying her name when she whimpers. Once asleep she sleeps through the night. A plus for us. I know she is going to be a great fit for our family bringing us much joy in the years to come.

Friday, January 13, 2006


A New Addition

Drum Roll Please.....brrrmmddrrmdmrm
Today we are getting a puppy. DS has been wanting a dog for a long time now. If you ask him what kind of a dog he wants his answer is without a doubt a black Lab. This fall we went down to the river and met an awesome black labrador retriever. She was the most obedient dog I had ever seen, and it was there that it was set in a little boys mind that one day a dog like that would be his.
We have talked on and off about getting a dog. Well today is the day. It is one of those deals where you know God has a hand in it. In His perfect time. The puppy is four months old. A black Lab mix. FREE. Friendly. Currently in a home with two young children. We have the extra money to spend getting things set-up. We had a conversation at the beginning of the week with my brother-in-law who out of nowhere asked about DS getting a dog. lol
You want to talk about smiling eyes. DS was beaming when he heard the news. God is good.
So now it is off to the store to get the necessary supplies. I will post pictures of our newest addition as soon as I can.

Turbo Tax

E-file lines are open and return has been filed!
Turbo Tax is brilliant. I found it very easy to use and am confident we got the best return.
Happy filing!

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Sleeping In

I am currently lacking discipline in waking up. I want to get up earlier than the kids so I can spend time alone with God but I keep sleeping in. I pray the night before for Him to wake me up at 6:30. This is my plan. He keeps waking me up at 5:30! I look at the clock and remind him, no Lord remember 6:30. In the end I wake up when DD does after 7. That is the way it has been this last week. I need to renew my mind and accept waking up at whatever time it is he has appointed.
Something cool... yesterday as I lie there half asleep, he gave me the beginning of the Faith talk I mentioned. I got up before DD and got it on paper before the kids were up. So a third of the talk is done and I have an idea of where it is going.
Please pray for me that I would be obedient in both my time with Him and in writing this talk.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

The Walk

So we did go on the walk! A bit chilly but with a hat and gloves quite nice for January.

DS chose his scooter.

DD the fire truck. Her legs are just right for a good two leg scoot.

Also, pushing at full speed.

I let them go in the road; around some construction.
Face it, no traffic, everyone is at work.

See the sun really is shining! Shadows!


Since November 20th 2005 mid michigan has had some sort of precipitaion everyday until yesterday. Rain, snow, hail; bringing with it gray skies. Sweet Allelulia there is sunshine again. I looked out the window this morning and was overjoyed to see the sun actually shining. We have had a brief glimpse here and there but not nearly enough. Does anyone remember that movie were there was solid rain for seven years and only an hour of sun? What was the name of that? Anyway, get out and enjoy it while it lasts. We may go for a walk, perhaps a bike ride. If nothing else get out of your chair and go at least look out the window, you never know it could be gone again tomorrow.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Ladies Only

Attention ladies:
This Saturday January 14th at 7pm will be ladies game night at my house. woohoo. Time to be with other women, play games, enjoy food, get away from your kids...sounds like fun to me. Call for more info.
Heather: Josiah is most welcomed, I know the ladies want to meet him.

Faith Talk

As a part of the upcoming Chrysalis flight I will serving as a table leader. Leading discussion at a table of high school girls. I have been asked to give a talk on faith. I am excited about this talk, I feel it is one that God has really laid on my heart. I am asking for prayer that God will help me to write it, to say what it is I need to communicate, that these girls will receive it and grow on this weekend. I will be writing the talk over the next couple days so any prayer would be appreciated. There is a lot of things God is bringing to the surface, many ideas of where this could go, but I want it to be exactly what it needs to be. Also, if you know of any highschool believers that may be interested in attending this weekend let me know, there are openings on both the girls and guys flight. For more information click on Chrysalis link above.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

What Is One To Do?

This morning I found myself traveling on ICY roads. The going was slow and slick. I was on my way to a Chrysalis meeting that was to start at 8:30am. At 7:45 a semi truck jack-knifed a half mile ahead of me. Things came to a halt then a snail creep to an all out STOP. The truck took up every lane of the highway! So what is one to do? For the first few minutes I kept my foot on the brake ...waiting. I could see the front of the truck but had no idea the truth of the situation. Then I put the Jimmy in park and waited some more. I opened up my bible and read all of Timothy. I turned on the radio hoping to hear a traffic update. No dice...the Light has gone to pre-recorded messages and syndication. So I listened to some music for a bit. I chatted with a man who had gotten out to survey the situation. It appeared that there was no other vehicles involved but the semi was jack knifed. Still no tow truck but an officer was now on the scene. It was comical watching the people who got out of their cars. They were literally skating on the ice. Someone came asking me to pull over a bit to make room for the tow truck, which I did with caution. So finally the tow truck arrived parking in the emergency lane next to the semi. And still I waited. I asked to use the cell phone of a trucker...called DH and had him call the church where the meeting was to let them know of my delay. At this point it was 9:15 and I was most definately LATE. More news came that the tow truck was stuck and they were waiting for a salt truck before they could proceed. So I prayed, meditated, wrote down some of the desires of my heart and waited. The salt truck arrived, made a few passes including down the stretch I was in. The tow truck goes about his business of getting the semi truck out of the way. And at 10:13 nearly two and a half hours later we were finally moving. With caution. I made it to the meeting safely. I arrived home safely. All is well. I actually didn't mind being frozen in time. Unable to move. It isn't all that often I have 2 1/2 hours TO MYSELF! So what's one to do? Relax and enjoy it.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Proverbs 6

Proverbs 6:9-11 How long will you lie there, you sluggard? When will you get up from your sleep? A little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the hands to rest- and poverty will come on you like a bandit and scarcity like an armed man.

When I first accepted Christ 10 years ago this was one of the first verses I actually memorized. I had a hard time waking up in the morning. This verse would come to mind and I would have motivation to rise. Who wants poverty? The reason I wanted to get up was to spend time with God. Time without Him creates a poor spirit. Time with Him is relationship, full of God's riches.

At other times this verse has meant working hard to provide for your family. A warning to not be lazy or idle.

And today: I was reading the whole chapter (Proverbs 6) and it came to me in a new light. I have mentioned a few times the phrase going gazelle. It's a Dave Ramsey term for getting serious about your money. It comes from verse 5. "Free yourself, like a gazelle from the hand of a hunter, like a bird from the snare of the fowler." You see, gazelle's when they are in danger, they take notice and they run.....FAST. They out run their predator. With stradegy they dart left and right. So when I say going gazelle it means we have a plan, to be intense about what we are doing with our money. (6:1-5) Pay off any debts or pledges we have made. (6:6-8) "Store up provisions" aka create a savings. (6:9-11) Do it now, don't wait, don't be lazy about it...or poverty will come.

God has used this verse in my life many times with different understandings. All bearing good fruit in my life. God's Word living and active???

Thursday, January 05, 2006


I also bought a step aerobics last night. It is a joke trying to do it with the kids around. They climb onto it and try to do the moves with me. I got out their step stools but DD prefers mine. I guess I will try again later. Too hard trying to learn new moves with little ones underfooot.

His Eye Is On the Sparrow

Last night while out with Melissa I picked up the CD Selah Greastest Hymns. I love it!! It ministers to me so. Beautiful voices to beautiful and moving songs. The visiting pastor last Sunday shared a song about a man playing in a coffee shop when he noticed a lady singing along swaying to the music. After the song she came up and said I hope you don't mind me singing along. The man replied no, not at all. It is a pleasure. Then asked if she would like to sing the next song. She asked if he knew any hymns. He smiled and said he was raised on them and to pick one. She said no too many to choose...you pick. After some thought he chose His Eye Is On the Sparrow. She was suprised by his choice but as the music played she sang out and captivated all in the coffee shop. At the close they received much applause. As the other patrons went back to their lattes and conversations she asked why that song. He replied something along the lines of it felt like the one. To which she said that was my daughters favorite song. She was 16 years old and had died the week before......coincedence? Like the pastor said....God appeared in the life of those two at the coffee house and they may have been the only ones there that noticed.
I left church longing to hear that song. I turned on the radio hoping to hear it...but it wasn't on. I have seen Selah in concert 3 times. And I recalled them singing the great hymn. I hummed the refrain over and over. When I saw it in the bookstore it was balm for the soul. The whole CD is incredible. Definately recommend it! I can't wait until they are back in town so I can go see them again.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Time Capsule

The last couple of days I have been working on a time capsule. Fun stuff man. So far it has a paycheck stub, cd of our favorite songs, kids art work, school stuff, pictures and sudoku puzzle. I want to include a questionaire of where we think we will be in 10 years. Soon it will be finished and sealed shut. While it was origanally going to be in an old coffee can, I had to revise, now it is in a jumbo envelope. It will be hidden in the house, collecting dust and NOT opened until 2016! heehee


I do it in the bathroom, online, my daily sudoku calander puzzle. I print off puzzles and seek out more challenging puzzles. If my mind is idle for a bit it randomly places numbers into an imaginary puzzle. I dream about it as I fall off to sleep. Addicted...perhaps. Is is consuming me to the point of no self-control...not yet. I find it is filling a void in my life. I need to engage my mind. I need to be challenged and to think in ways beyond what to feed the family. I have always been a competitive person; I love stradegy. I even like numbers. It's how I am wired. I was born to enjoy Sudoku. So enjoy it I shall. I have long thought that using your noggin prevented alzheimer's. I have read some cool articles over the last couple days that support this. Here is an article for you to read and another aimed at kids but has intersting facts. It shows that the more you use it (your brain) the less likely you are to lose it. So now I have justification to continue in my craze....with balance of course. Everything in moderation. Here are some sites I have enjoyed.
websudoku.com play online (gives you statistics, shows average solve times) or print
boldts.net has nonomino sudoku puzzles which are 9 groups of 9 cells in irregular shapes. My new fav. boldts also has nearly a million regular sudoku puzzles as well. Must print.

I have included these links on the side of the blog for easy access.
So what are you waiting for...go engage your brain. Make and keep neural connections. Prevent Alzheimer's Disease. Or simply satisfy your addiction.

Monday, January 02, 2006

Gotta Love Cosby

It is nearly 1am and I am still up. I have been watching a Cosby marathon and laughing hysterically. I think I appreciate it all the more now that I am a mother. Man I can relate. Now its off to bed before another episode comes on.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

New Every Morning

Lamentations 3:22-23
22 Because of the LORD's great love we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail.
23 They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.

It's a new year, a new day; a fresh start for many. A new beginning. The day they will stop smoking, improve their diets, exercise. This year you may vow to make more time for family and friends, draw near to God, read the Word or be disciplined in prayer. Let me encourage you. His great love and compassion never fail they are new every morning. You need not wait until January 1st of 2007 if you fall short. For every morning when you awaken his love and mercy are there. Cheering you on. He sent His Holy Spirit to those who believe. He shall guide you, teach you and help if you ask him to.

John 14:26 But the Counselor, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you all things and will remind you of everything I have said to you.

2 Corinthians 5:17
Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!

Praise be to God! For those who believe you are a new creation. You were made new on the day you professed your faith. Don't wait to start acting that out. Allow God to change you from the inside out. For if you do... 2006 will be a year you will never forget nor regret. Be blessed!

Note: The following is an addition to the original post
As I went to check my email this morning I found this. A New Beginning a coincidence? I think not! The Holy Spirit directed me to place it here...click link here. Enjoy!