Wednesday, July 09, 2014

#2 Smoky Turkey Shepard's Pie

 I would have to say a huge bonus of this whole cooking challenge is the confidence it is giving my daughter in the kitchen. This morning she took charge of breakfast and made these delicious waffles. From herself. I was amazed.
 Today's meal had a whole lot of ingredients and to the dismay of my daughter it also had lots of veggies.

 It required chopping, chopping, and more chopping. Due to the amount of chopping required for this meal it took closer to an hour to complete. Look at those beautiful colors. It was just about this moment I was reminded that I myself am not a big fan of frozen peas, I got that weird feeling in my stomach, one of displeasure. Yet it smelled amazing with all the spices so I hoped I would be alright. It is a good thing DD encouraged me to do only half of the peas. ;)
 It cooked up nice and the potato mixture on top was super creamy.
I present to you Smoky Turkey Shepard's Pie.
 It was good. The flavors melded nicely together but if I were to make it again I would probably omit the peas. Not very Shepard's Pie of me but hey. The teen however loved it and ate three heaping servings.
 This would have fed a small army so we have quite a bit leftover. It will be making an appearance this evening at a friends BBQ. Hope they like it.

My new skill for the day- peeling potatoes and carrots.
As you can see not my favorite dish, I am not a big fan of vegetables (especially cooked onions, peppers, and frozen peas) which this dish had all of them. I never really liked Chicken Noodle soup or Shepard's Pie (yes I know I'm a picky-eater) But I ate it, rule number  4. :P

2 down (with my least favorite foods) 363 left to go...with some of my favorites coming up.

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Quasar said...

It looks very good. Glad you are learning some new skills and likes!