Friday, July 25, 2014

#17 Honey Nut Chicken Tenders

 Easiest meal to date and that is a good thing since it was opening night of the Little Mermaid.
Probably also the least expensive meal as well, maybe $8. The chicken and cereal the only thing I did not have already on hand, woot woot for simple meals.
 DD was hesitant to do a meal on opening night but then remembered it was chicken tenders and quickly changed her mind. She has been looking forward to this one.
Pretty easy peasy, dip, dunk, smother with goodness then bake.
 #17 Honey Nut Chicken Tenders we used Honey Nut Chex to be certain we were gluten free.
 They were really really good! Winner winner chicken dinner. It was thumbs up from all and will be added to our family favorites pronto.
Here is my happy yellow fish after her first official theater production. :)

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