Thursday, July 10, 2014

#3 Beef Goulash

 Today's dish was a twist on yesterday's meal were we omitted a few items and added a couple of others while still using the same basic techniques we learned yesterday. So out with the potatoes and in with some pasta to switch it up and make a goulash. Interesting concept. Well since my dear daughter was not thrilled yesterday with the veggies we decided to go a little lighter today by halving the amounts. 
 We have pasta boiling on the back burner while the meat and veggies were being spiced and sauteed on the front.

 Less chopping today but chop chop.
 Beef was suppose to be served over egg noodles but since we are gluten free I substituted Sam Mills pasta d'oro lasagna corte. It worked very well.
 Everyone plated their own dish and took a picture. I tasted it as it was meant to be served but it was lacking, it did not seem like goulash without a tomato product so I added some leftover spaghetti sauce from the other day. Yum! If we make it again it must have spaghetti sauce.
The teen boy's plate.
 And DD's will share her plate but notice she went light on the meat/veggie mix and heavy on the noodle and sauce. Hey, we pick our battles. She ate, she is happy, win!
Overall a great and relatively easy dish to prepare, it took 33 minutes from start to finish. I would make it again.

 It was a lot easier to make the dish this time because we knew what to do.
As you can see I was much happier in this then my Smoky Turkey Shepard's Pie.
Instead of putting the goulash ON the noodles I put them BESIDE the noodles ;p
I had it as spaghetti and had goulash on the side. Yummy! I would make it again but (yes there's a catch) I would plate it just the same.    

 When we finished dinner I had a craving for something sweet. I asked what I could make and my answer was Rice Crispy Treats 

 We whipped up some homemade marshmallows. They were delicious  
 There was so much we actually made two whole pans. More for me!
Thanks for reading.

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Quasar said...

everything looked yummy! You will have to share some of your Rice Krispie treats-never had homemade marshmellows before!