Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The Boy's Projects

Ever made am ice cave?
My boy spent literally hours creating his.
To make fill a bucket with water and freeze. For best results 2-3 days in the freezer. Overnight will work but result in a pocket of water. Then again reaching the pocket of water was great fun. Once you have a block of ice transfer it to a cake pan, fill a water bottle with warm water and salt and let them squirt away. Warning: You may go through a box of salt depending on your child's interest. The effect is really cool.

Squirting in the same spot results in tunneling. Cool stuff.

Yesterday we arrived home to a Sear's truck in the road. Turns out one of our neighbors got a new washer and dryer. DS went up to the Sear's man and asked if he could have the washer box. Below is my son creating his fort/pirate ship/ club house.

Today he spent his own money on two cans of spray paint. Of course one being his favorite color...ORANGE!

So how long does it take spray paint to come off hands?

A boy and his projects...priceless.

And So It Begins...

Last night marked the start of the triathlon training class at the YMCA. The last session there was one guy in the class and last night there was 10 of us! Most of us beginners. Tuesdays are swimming so the first thing they had us do was go down and back to watch our strokes and breathe control. And lucky me? I was moved to the advance group. Which was awesome and EXHAUSTING. It took me to a whole new level of swimming which left me breathless. Or shall I shall short of breathe. At one point the lifeguard who has taught me a few things looked at me, smiled and said "Welcome to swimming!"
In all I think we did about 500 meters, focusing on different strokes and breathing each time. I was surprised how much I had improved because the last 50 were easier than the first 50. I would consider this is a very good thing.
Today I went back to the pool and did about 400 meters focusing on some of the things I learned last night. My goal of going the full 400 meters with forward crawl is looking much more feasible than before. I have a lot of work ahead of me but I think I CAN do it.
After my swim I headed up stairs for 15 minutes on the bike, some weights and a mile on the eliptical. I knew it was not going to be a piece of cake but I think the care provider at the Y put it well when she said she felt like "a wilted flower." After a good lunch I am revived and full of energy but that immediate period of time following the workout was slow moving.
I am eager to see what the bike and running portion of the class will be like. The run is still proving to be challenging for me at this time. I am in desperate need of some running shoes. These $10 Wal-Mart specials and not cutting it. Yesterday I checked out a few shoes at the mall. I am still uncertain what I want or need. So if anyone has some recommendations, I am all ears.

Have a great day!

Friday, February 23, 2007

This Week in our World

I went to get my blood drawn for a routine check. The kids went with me and I gave them a play by play of what was going on. They both thought it was pretty cool. Some of the best field trips are unplanned everyday life.

RESCUE Dear son spent the night at his cousin's house. In the morning they went out to play. They were playing in the snow and climbing trees. The next thing my sister-in-law knows her son is asking for help. MY SON is hanging upside-down in the tree. Adrenaline kicked in and my SIL rushed to his aide. He was hanging by a string on his boots upside-down. Thankfully it was a low branch and she was able to reach him form the ground. Brings new meaning to "by your boot straps."

I will be enjoying a woman's retreat for homeschooling mothers next week. On Monday night I got together with three other woman who will be leading worship for the retreat. Songs I know well but have not heard in a long time. I look forward to serving with these woman and getting to know them better.

With temps in the high 40's we went outdoors and made our snow family.

The weather was irresistible! The snow was still covering the ground but temps were again the 40's and there was no wind. We decided to be track detectives and headed out to the nature center. We took a nice hike and found turkey, squirrel, deer tracks a more. The most interesting discovery was that of rabbit remains and what looked to be coyote tracks.
After the nature center we went to the zoo to see what it is like during the winter months. To our delight many animals were out enjoying the day. Our favorite was the otter. Last summer the zoo built a new otter exhibit with an underwater viewing deck. The kids had never been there while the otters were swimming. On Tuesday the one otter was especially playful, racing with the kids up and down the glass and even playing peek-a-boo. If the kids would turn he would whip right around and chase after them. It was really fun to watch.
Field trips need not be planned weeks in advance, spontaneity resulted in an afternoon of learning and fun.

I spent the evening with the Worship Arts team at church. Watching as they rehearsed for Sunday morning. I danced in the wings and on the stage throughout the practice and envisioned next steps. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to watch these great people interact and prepare. Blessed.

I wanted to get checked out before I began the more intense training for this triathlon. Today I visited the doctor and went over the test results from my blood work. Everything looks great and I was given the green light to physically exert myself. Her words of wisdom; drink lots of fluids and stretch, stretch, stretch.
Tonight hubby and I will be dropping our kids off to the church and going out on a date with another couple. I am looking ofrward to it.

From one who rarely schedule's anything...the next month is booked. WHo knows what it will do to my blogging. Until next time, BE BLESSED!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Little Mofia???

Little girl, this morning...
"I want to eat breakfast before we pick Daddy off."
"Do you mean drop Daddy off?"
"Ummm, yeah!"

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

When the weather warms...

We go outside.
Here's the results of our afternoon outdoors.

Little girl with "her" snowman

Here's the close up of DD with her candy face

Here is DS

We could not forget the dog

Our happy snow family

Hope you enjoyed!

Friday, February 16, 2007

Home School Meme

1) One homeschooling book you have enjoyed.
Homeschooling the Early Years by Linda Dobson

2) One resource you wouldn't be without.
One...? I have more than one.
My parents, friends, the internet, the library and manipulatives.

3) One resource you wish you had never bought.
I just checked the closet to see if there was anything there that I have not used. No there isn't. I am pretty cheap so I tend not to buy unless I know I want it. If there was anything early on, perhaps a garage sale find it has already been passed along.

4) One resource you enjoyed last year.
Preschool- Teddy Bear counters, pattern blocks and
Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons

5) One resource you will be using next year.
DD- Let's Tackle the ABC's
DS- Reading Rods

6) One resource you would like to buy.
Let's Tackle the ABC's
I still have to settle on my main cirriculum for next year.

7) One homeschooling catalog you enjoy reading.
Learning Resources Not exclusive to homeschooling.

8) One homeschooling(educational) website you use regularly.
Steve Spangler
ALA-Great Web Sites for Kids
Why is everything just one? Sorry I could not just pick one.

9) Tag other home schoolers.
Sly at Ward and June
Mary at Owlhaven
Gina at Portrait of a Writer...Interrupted

Also check out Wendy's at Showered with Grace

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Never Try This At Home

Guest Blogger: Written by five year old dear son(DS)

This is mythbusters." -DS

This is the experiment:
Put bubbles into a bottle and water.
Then shake it. Then pump it.
The bubbles will shrink.
We put it upside-down and took the top off.

It got everywhere, even on the ceiling.

I thought it was cool. It made me laugh so hard.
Remember: Never try this at home. Ever. Ever.

That's all.

Who Do You Love?

I love all of you! Have a blessed day!

Luke 10:27
He answered: " 'Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind' ; and, 'Love your neighbor as yourself.' "

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Defeat Part 1

The last couple of days I have been chewing on the thought of defeat. What is defeat? Why do we walk around defeated, discouraged and depressed? What does God have to say about it? What can one do about it?
Defeat is everywhere we turn. People downcast. An unbelief in oneself.
The one who is dieting says to themselves, "I am never going to lose this weight."
The one who wants to play on the team says, "I am not good enough, they don't want me."
The teenager says, "I am insignificant, who am I?"
The husband struggling to provide says, "I am a failure."
The new mother says, "I don't think I am cut out for this."
I can't. I never will. I am no good.
In the movie Facing the Giants there are three characters dealing with different forms of defeat. The defeated man. He is overwhelmed and can not seem to get ahead. There is the new kid who does not even want to try because of fear that he will fail. And there is the captain of the team who sets a limit in his mind of what can be accomplished and even then does not think it will be obtained. I love how the story carries each of the characters through to victory. Two words...death have to see this movie. I don't want to give anything away so I will stop there but really go rent it, buy it, borrow it.
As I have been training this last week I have been thinking a bit about limitations. For example I know the requirements of the course for the triathlon. I know I will need to swim 400 meters, bike 16 kilometers, and run 5 kilometers. I know where I currently am. I can consistently move the 1/4 mile. I can bike 10 miles in 41 minutes and will let's just say I have not finished a 3 mile run. I have been asking myself why I have not yet finished a 3 mile run. "Self, why have you not done it yet?" And the answer would probably be that I defeat myself before I even step foot on the track. I say "I only did a mile last time I bet I will only make a mile today." Other days I say baby steps, slowly build-up to it. Yesterday I realized something. I got on the bike thinking I will bike for 30 minutes. I started along and before I knew it the 30 minutes was almost done, I had gone 7 miles and thought I am so close to the 10 I know I can do it! So I did. I peddled on for another 3 miles and made it to the ten mile mark. WooHoo! The odd part of it was that the last three miles were easier than the first three. Why is that? Determination? The desire to obtain the goal? Strong-will? Believing that I could do it? Wanting it?
More tomorrow...

Monday, February 12, 2007

Here's a quote for you...

David Letterman

"Everyone has a purpose in life. Perhaps yours is watching television."

Michigan Motorist

Here is a Snopes report that is true for Michigan motorist. I had not heard this before.
Sign the back of your vehicle registrations or you could be fined. For more details read the Snopes report here.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Facing the Giants

What do you get when a church listens to the call God placed in a man?
One incredible movie!

Facing the Giants is that movie.
When the Media Arts Pastor at Sherwood Church heard a survey sighting the influence of the media, their church knew they had to do something. They began to make movies. Facing the Giants is their second release and the storyline came directly from God. The actors are all untrained volunteers from the congregation. You want to talk about a community coming together for a common goal and vision and not for their own glory or benefit but only the Lord's. That is this movie, that is this church.
It is a must see. Must own.
We need to support these efforts so that more opportunities for Christian and family films arise. I would love to see Sherwood produce many, many more movies.
So go watch the movie. Make sure you watch the behind the scenes and extras. They are awesome. Their story is awesome. Our God is awesome.
Nothing is impossible for God!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

My New Bike

Crossroads Elite


This week I have taken a few steps in my training for this summer's triathlon. On Wednesday I went in to swim. The lifeguard said he would work with me on my breathing. It desperately needs help so I agreed. Here is what I have learned:
Breathe out through your nose
Breathe in through your mouth
4 count is best
My bodies natural rhythm is 8
4 confuses me somehow
Also acceptable is a 2 count; always breathing with the right stroke
I think this is how I am going to breathe for the triathlon
It is a constant exhale/inhale rhythm
I think it will work if I can keep from swallowing/snorting water
I snort water more than I should
It is best to have your hair pulled back
My hair is a huge contributor to snorting water
It may be time for a lovely swim cap
Fingers should be kept together, I was like a bear claw
Legs as close together as possible
Small brisk kicks
When breathing do not look up to the ceiling or sky
Do not bob you head or thrust it forward
It should be a smooth glance over to the wall with your head resting on your arm
I have a long ways to go
I can swim the 1/4 mile consistently
Switching strokes between free style, back and kick board.
I want to continue to lengthen my free style distance every week until I can go the whole distance this way

That is the swimming portion of the training

Biking I go about 5 miles each time I am on. I am starting to experience a weird numbness in the tip of my nose. If I am on the bike to long it is the slightest of tingling. I have an appointment with my doctor in 2 weeks. I wanted to have my blood drawn and a basic panel run. It will tell me cholesterol, blood counts, kidney and liver function and much more. I plan to talk to her about the tingly nose at that time. Also, on the bike front I am considering buying a new bike. My current bike is a Wal-Mart special. I plan on checking into models this weekend. I may be a new owner by the end of this weekend. (SMILE)

Running I am comfortable with a mile on the track. I have yet to make peace with the treadmill. I am not fond of it at all. I tend to get shin splints while running on the treadmill. Not my idea of fun. So I am currently sticking with the track. 16 times around is a mile. Around and around I go. I want to increase this distance. I know there is much to improve on my running. While there on Thursday night I introduced myself to the instructor who leads the triathlon class. He happens to be the race coordinator for the triathlon I will be running in June. He was working with a guy. He worked him HARD. I am considering joining the class. I know he will kick my butt. I also know that it would be good for me. I have a lot to learn. I think I would rather be pushed to my limit and learn, then continue in ignorance and struggle.

Isaiah 40:31
but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.

1 Corinthians 9:24
Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one gets the prize? Run in such a way as to get the prize.

I will run and not grow weary! I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. I will do a triathlon because I believe. I know the Lord is doing more than just training me for a race, so much more. If only I knew what it is.

I Think I Was Just Forced To Change

I went to sign into my OLD BLOGGER when it rerouted me to the new blogger sign in. It said I could bypass this only one time. Meaning if I did not change I would no longer be able to access my blog. That is not a good thing. So today I guess is the day that I changed over to Beta Blogger. I hope this is something I won't regret.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

A Bead Well Traveled...

It's latest adventure...

up my daughter's nose.

This week in pics

Burr it's cold outside. To go to the car we have been making the kids suit up in snow pants along with hat, mittens and scarves.

Must days this just adds a few minutes to our routine. This morning I had to wake them both up to take their dad to work. DD just laid there while I suited her up. Half way through she said, "I am still sleeping." Then conked back out.

My girlfriend dropped of a traveling treasure box the other day. It is a part of Freecycle. It is a tote filled with children's toys, puzzles and books. The idea is to take things that you want and replace it with things from your own home. Clean, gently used items. It is a great idea. The box travels from home to home with a constant give and take there is always something new. Little girl absolutely adores this talking Dora doll. She takes it everywhere. Dear son also found some cool treasures. It was fun going through our toys to see what we could pass on that some other kid might enjoy. Inside the tote is also a journal of where the tote has traveled to and what each person thought of their treasures. To participate you should be a freecycle member, the name of the treasure box we had was Krystynn.

In the midst of my auditions and dental work my kids spent some time with my parents. My mom was working on some crocheting projects, scarves for the granddaughters and a baby blanket for a birthday gift for my niece. DS was fascinated by it. When we went out shopping, he bought a few things; hair gel, a ball of yarn and a crochet hook. Before we were out of the parking lot he was already starting. Now, I have never crocheted! I do not know a thing about how to do it. I know you have yarn and a hook and that's about it. I advised we wait for grandma to show him how to start it. He replied "Don't worry mom, I know how to do it." More power to you kid. By the time we had traveled the 2 miles home he had a good little chain going. He plopped himself down in the chair and continued to crochet for the next hour and a half. When he finally stopped for dinner the chain was 6 feet long. You go boy!

Grandma came by for lesson two going back the other direction, they tried a dish cloth but DS found that a little too complex. I think he is going to stick to making chains for now.

My hubby is intimidated by newborns. He held his own children the day they were born. When it comes to other people's new babies he has never really wanted to hold them. When my sister-in-law had their baby in August, hubby said he would not hold his new nephew for a few months. The other night they were over and my SIL plopped her son in hubby's arms. It had been a few months. I love this picture.

Fingers still numb. Going back upstairs.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Too Cold To Blog

With temps in the negative, my basement is freezing. Hence my desire to spend any length of time at the computer. Even as I type this my fingertips are going numb from the cold. I planned on sharing some pictures today but blogger is not cooperating. I will try again later to upload pics.

So just so know, all is well. I am on track with exercise. I am staying warm, upstairs. I will return later to try again. I am not really on sabbatical just limiting my time in the arctic temps of my basement. I should be back to my regular daily blogging in no time.

Have a great day!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

The Dance

At my weight class today I went light on legs as I did not want to overdo it. Something in me said I should at least be able to walk and preferably dance for the audition. At the end of class my trainer said the most beautiful thing to me. "You are going to do great, it's anointed and appointed." I had never put the two words together but I loved that she shared that with me. I do not know where she stands spiritually but she blessed me.
I arrived at the church, took off my coat and put on my dance shoes. I began to stretch when the Worship Arts pastor came out and invited me into his office. He had just finished one dance audition and wanted to include me in the discussion about music. A short while later I was off to the large children's room where the dance audition would take place. We talked about dance and after a few minutes we were joined by his assistant. After a few more questions and answers it was time to dance. I danced to Phillips, Craig and Dean's Let The Worshipers Arise. When it was done they were both smiling and said it was beautiful. That the dance told a story. We talked more, I shared some Davidic dance steps. Then we talked even more. In a few weeks I will be joining the praise team on a Thursday night as we venture into what our next steps will be.
Praise the Lord for His hand in all of this. For whom the son sets free shall be free indeed. My prayer is that more and more will be free to worship the King. Including worship Him with dance.
Thanks everyone for your prayers! The Lord is good!