Monday, July 21, 2014

Freedom and Insanity

This week should prove to be the craziest week of the summer.
The boy is a member of YLP, Youth Leadership Program, at Fenner Nature Center. He meets weekly with other youth and helps shape the future of the nature center as well as maintain it. This week he has volunteered to be an assistant at their week long summer camp, Wilderness Rangers. It is right up his alley as it covers the fundamentals of fire starting, shelter building, water purification and navigating in the back country.

Sweet tart, aka DD, will having quite the week as she does VBS the Blast in the mornings. Hangs out with a friend that we are transporting to VBS for a couple of hours. Throw in cooking our recipe for the day. Then it is off to the theater from 6-9:45pm for Tech week, a series of dress, sound and tech rehearsals getting ready for Opening Day on Friday. Closing the week with three performances of The Little Mermaid.

Yesterday, I got a really unusual phone call. A friend of a friend was looking for a ride for their son to and from VBS so he could volunteer. I said I would, hopefully I can figure out who he is at pick up today.

Which leads me to FREEDOM! I am kid free all week from 9-noon. By free I mean, free to pay bills, clean the house, blog, go shopping, do school prep and read with no kids to distract. Close enough to freedom for me.

We will be coming and going in a whirlwind of activity but it should be a grand adventure.

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