Sunday, June 18, 2006

Two Pink Lines FB#1

It was evening Friday August 11th 2000. I had to go to the bathroom and I could not wait any longer. I drove to the grocery store and got a test. As soon as I got home I took the test...and waited. Before long the first pink line appeared and then seconds later there were two. I just stared at it in amazement. It was really true. I WAS PREGNANT! a tiny tear at the reality. I was going to be a mama. Hubby had been taking a nap so I went in and tapped his shoulder. When he woke up I said "Guess what? We're pregnant!" He was so excited. We laughed and hugged then made MANY phone calls to share the news. DH joked that since it was a pink line that meant a girl and since there were two lines it meant twins. Hmmm twin girls? Everyone we called was thrilled to hear the news. The next morning I went with a friend to a Folk Festival. There was a dance floor; kids and their moms and dads were dancing together. I got teary eyed. I wanted to dance with my kids.
At the time I got pregnant I was a nanny for two wonderful girls. I love these girls, at the time they were 10&12. I called them with the news along with the rest of the family. When I arrived to their house the following Monday the girls had decorated with streamers and ballons. On a white board they had written "Congradulatoins Sarah!! It's a baby!" It was so sweet. Let me just say they were excited. I can still here them giggling and shreaking!! lol

The following are letters they wrote to the baby:
Dear Baby,
Hello, I'm Kate. I have so many things to tell + explain to you. You'll never know how very much you were loved from the time we found out you were in mama's stomach to the day you die. We all love you. When your mama found out she was preganat w/ you she was so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so happy + excited to become a mama. Before mama was pregnant + before she had you she used to watch us. She taught us many things for school + or life. Your mama wants to name you Alison if you are a girl and for a boy she's not sure but she loves you very much either way. Alison was her old cats name but don't feel bad because I was named after a cat + your grandmas dog!! Well I wasn't named after them but I have to share my name with an animal. Mama thinks its funny. She laughs everytime I say that. She used to sing me a song:
Think of me everyday
Hold tight to what I say
And I'll be close to you
even from far away
Know that wherever you are
It is never to far
If you think of me I'll be with you!
I hope I can sing it to you someday! I love you very much! Right now your the size of a cracker crumb.
Love, Katey

Dear Baby,
I'm not named after a animal unlike my sister. I'm so special. We'll I'm so excited I can't wait to babysit for you. When your mama told me that you didn't have any ears I flipt out. Oh well your still so tiny
Bye Baby
Love Leah

More to come...look for Flash Back(FB) #2

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