Friday, June 09, 2006

Memphis Part 2

We were at the Memphis Zoo for 5 hours. We timed it perfectly. We had a parking spot as close as you can get to the entrance. It was not crowded. As we were leaving it opened up to Tuesday free time for Tennesse residents. There was a mile long wait to get into the parking lot. Yup we timed that right. This morning we finished a video of the Memphis Zoo...all the footage put together to music. 5 hours condensed down to 16 minutes. We would love to show it to you when we return.

Tuesday night we stayed at a hotel. We swam and relaxed. Walked the mall. Then came back to the hotel to swim some more. Wednesday we went to the Memphis Children's Museum. Very hands-on exhibits. Like the zoo; it was excellent.

They have an area devoted to aviation. Here is the cockpit. So many gauges and gadgets I don't know how they keep track of it all.

This showed the air thrust. The kids could fly the plane up and feel the wind it creates.

Air traffic control. Watch monitors and communicate with the cockpit of the plane

This is the water table a replica of the Mississippi River. The bridges are the Memphis Bridge. Old and new.

DD fishing...

The pump and water wheel...

The kids performing surgery on a poor unfortunate soul.

The show...we laughed SO HARD at their antics.

Including but not limited to the court jester...

This place was fantastic...will share more part 3. Stay tuned.


Overwhelmed! said...

Very cool pictures! Looks like your kids are having a great time!

Diane said...

Looks like they've added a lot of things since I visited with Jessica when she was in kindergarten 12 years ago!! I'm so glad you're enjoying your visit to Arkansas and the surrounding areas. I'm looking forward to more posts and pics, so keep them coming. :-)