Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Laid Bare ...for a moment

So I am sitting here thinking about all the different things God is dealing with me on right now. And I have to say there is alot. I shall make a list. It may not be complete nor give an explanation but I feel that I am to make a list so that is what I will do. If anyone has a desire for more info you can email me.
In no particular order, God is dealing with me in the following ways:
Positions in prayer
House Cleaning
King James
Everyday things that have infiltrated our lives that are occultic
Praying in the moment...be it on a comment of a blog, on the phone or over someone when a request is made
Giving heart
Respecting my husband
Consistent time with Him
Staying in the Word
Filtering worldly things for my family
Letting go of pride
Standing for Him when it goes against the norm
Obedience in all things...doing what He tells me to do
Worshipping from the heart
Ministry in training
Loving my dog
Daily schedule
He is showing me specific things for my kids, things I need to teach them
Victory in my kitchen
Being a leader, making decisions in the Spirit
Some answers to why He called me to do some unusual things
Realizing that there is more to come
Hmmm...I am sure there is more but that is what comes to mind.

Ever growing, ever changing, ever desiring to be more like Christ


Gina said...

Wow! Seems like a lot. I think I can only deal with one or two things at a time, but I bet if I dig deeper, I can come up with a list like yours!

I'd love to hear some specifics on how He's guiding you and your family. Or course, the ones you feel comfortable with sharing.

Wendy said...

Great list. I have several of the same ones on mine. I think the most important one for me is spending time with Him and in the Word. I find that most of the others fall into place after that.

Wendy said...

Oh, if you find a way to have "victory in the kitchen"...let me know. I need help with this. I am slowly getting better at meal planning and learning to enjoy cooking more, but it hasn't been an easy one for me...

Kellie said...


Kili @ Live Each Moment said...

that is a great list sarah. i need to make a list too.

Midlife Moments said...

I just came across your blog today and have to say that I have enjoyed reading! I am linking you so that I can come back!


Overwhelmed! said...

That's quite a long list! I have some of those on my list too, if I'd ever sit down and make one.

Anonymous said...