Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Treasure Tuesday

My new kitchen is my treasure for the day. I LOVE IT!! It is so much more functional now. I have counterspace to preapre and cook. There is no clutter. It is clean. It has more room...at least it feels like it has more room. Not to mention, it's pretty.
Let me take you on a little tour...

This is entering into the kitchen BEFORE...notice how your view to the left is blocked by the refridgerator.

AFTER...you can see anyone in the kitchen from the entry. Makes visits with friends, much nicer.

BEFORE...notice the clutter on top of old pantry.

AFTER...new coffee nook.

BEFORE...did I mention orange chairs...or things all over the fridge

AFTER...my sister-in-law refinished chairs she had laying around.

BEFORE...this picture taken by one of my children. I look thrilled to be there. Let's see the stovetop is lined with my spices. I am conviently blocking the clutter behind me. And oh yeah the cabinet fronts are brown.

AFTER...white cabinet fronts, no clutter, spices put away, and the stove is remarkably clean!

So there are some before and after pictures for you. Thank you blogger for co-operating today. Unbelievable I got all those pictures to upload...YEAH!

So what do you think of it?


Overwhelmed! said...

I love your new kitchen!!! Your husband did a fantastic job on it!

Thanks for sharing all the pictures.

I've posted a TT as well, about my Grandma G. Stop by and take a peek. :)

Diane said...

It looks great, and just think, you missed all the hammering and sawing and all the mess. Everything was done when you got back from AR. ;-)

Gina said...

Looks great! Enjoy your new kitchen.

Christy said...

It looks really good :) Do you like to cook alot?

Jess said...

OOhhhhhhh.... I luv a great kitchen re-do!! This is awesome!! I'd totally treasure it too! We're getting ready to move into a home we bought & I cannot wait to rip up the kitchen.

Mom Nancy said...

It's a lovely kitchen! I love the blue chairs. Very nice.

My TT is up, too.

Anonymous said...

Great job Sarah I can't wait to see the real thing. Enjoyed your visit so much. Of course I loved having you, DS & DD. See you in Sept.