Sunday, June 04, 2006

A Day of Travel

Two children, twelve hours and hundreds of miles. I awoke with excitement an hour before the alarm went off. I checked email and commented on a blog. Got myself dressed, threw the last minute items in the car, then moved my sweet sleeping children from their beds and placed them in the car. DS awoke and was amazed at the stars. He stayed awake for a bit then drifted back to sleep. Alone on the road in the dark of the early morning. I am thankful for those white lines on the side of the road to keep me on the path. As I drove I recalled a time when the fog was so thick I could see less than 10' in front of me. The ONLY thing I could see was the line. I followed it closely. As long as I could see the line I knew I was on the path. And I knew I wanted to stay on the path. This morning there were mild patches of fog, overall it was clear. I drove and drove. Dawn came and I felt a check in my spirit to be vigilant in my watch for deer. I just knew that there was a deer up ahead. Less than two miles later...two deer in the ditch. And I felt the Holy Spirit speak to me and say...follow me and I will keep you safe. I knew it was true. I saw 32 deer in that next hour. A total of 46 throughout the day. With each sighting it was a reminder that God was with me on this trip and to stay on his path and listening to His voice. Yesterday a friend was going to tell me to be safe then corrected herself..."Walk in faith and have a good time." Her words were with me on the road. God showed me that his path is much like that highway. It is clearly marked. Stay within the white lines and I am safe on the path. Sure I may go through moments of darkness. Times when I am in the company of many. Times when I am alone on the road. There may be times of construction. Storms. Clear and sunny skies. I will encounter all of this in my life but if I stay on the path...He will be with me and see me safely through.

Thanks Lord for safe travel. Thank you for your awesome peace while traveling with two little ones. It was a perfect day to travel.


Diane said...

Hey, S.
Hope you're doing well, and arrive safely. I'll be gone grocery shopping Monday morning, but I'll be watching the blogs later to see if you've arrived safely. Call me when you want to make arrangements to meet.


Faith said...

Have a safe trip!

Overwhelmed! said...

What a beautiful analogy! Thanks for sharing.