Thursday, June 08, 2006

Miss Diane and Other Things Southern

Today I had a wonderful visit with Miss Diane from Diane's Page. She is a fellow blogger I met online. She lives about 10 miles from Miss Sue so it was perfect to meet her. Other than MapQuest being wacky we had an excellant visit. She is all that she says she is on her blog. Read her 100 things...she really does do a mean chicken impression. I would love to take her to a farm and watch the rooster run. It is nice to broaden my horizons. Miss Sue has represented all things south to me; well now I can also reference Diane. She is a born and raised Arkansan. She knows the South. I love learning from these women. The resturant we went to was an Italian fine dining. White table cloth and all...not very southern, I know. But it was GOOD! Oh and the white table clothes had paper over the top, it is their trademark to draw on the tabletops. We were too busy chatting to draw. Besides the fact that neither of us draw worth a hoot. After lunch we came back to Miss Sue's so she could meet the kids and Miss Sue. The picture below is the two of us near the end of our visit. I tell you it is great putting a face with a name. As well as knowing that the person behind the blog is as sweet as you expected. Thanks Diane it was so nice to meet you!

Just before I left for lunch Miss Sue did DDs hair up in curlers. She just knew she was as pretty as can be. When we went to take them out we realized how tricky brush curlers are on little girls with fine hair.

It was still precious.

A few things I have learned while I have been here.
1. It doesn't matter where you live, life is much the same wherever you go.
2. People may sound different but they say pretty much the same things.
3. They are just better cooks in the south.
4. If you are in the north and you know how to cook, feel free to teach me.
5. Big cities people are more rushed and more likely to be rude.
6. Country folk are as nice as can be. Reckon
7. That Kudzu came over from Japan for erosion control. It has since taken over; you can not kill it.
8. I can blog from any where as long as there is a computer.
9. I am learning how to cook...this is another post, for another day

The last one threw me for a loop. In Michigan they charge tax on everything but the groceries; if it is meant for consumtion it is NOT taxed. Ya live and learn.


Diane said...

I really enjoyed our visit, S. Thanks for lunch, too. It was nice to sit in Miss S's back yard and watch the kids play in the water. I wish you had more time to visit, but maybe we can do it again sometime. I hope you get to see the Ozark Mountains when you travel to northwest Arkansas to visit your other blogger friend, and that you have good travelling weather. I'll be visiting and commenting here, and don't be a stranger to my blog. Be safe as you travel, friend. :-)

Seeker4Christ said...

Thank you for sharing your travels. It is fun to hear about for those of us who don't get out of the house much!

Amanda said...

okay, who is Miss. Sue? Sorry, just curious! :)

Dad said...

There's no place like home. There's no place like home. There's no place like home. But a good trip can be a great thing to. Sounds like you are having a great time. See ya soon.

Kellie said...

Thank you for sharing. DD is looking older and I just saw you guys the day before you left. She is so beautiful. I will have to show my DD when she gets up from nap. She loves to see your post just as much as I do.