Saturday, June 03, 2006

A Few Things From the Week

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

I had a great lunch with some friends. Tracy was in from out of town.

DS is making a sign. He nailed it together, all by himself. Then sanded it down. When I returned from the above lunch he declared it would read "No Girls Allowed" More on that later.

The laundry is complete! WooHoo! I lost track of how many loads I did...but I believe it was somewhere near or above 20. Now it is done and ALL of our clothes are CLEAN. I took about 5 bins to the mission store and have 7 or 8 ready for the free sale.

I also got my garden plants in the ground. The rototiller died over the weekend. The plants were already I hand dug the garden. Pulling weeds as I went. Let's just is in...and I have more weeding to do.

I prepped DS room for a remodel that should be happening...soon. Right, honey? It had been awhile since I pulled everything out of his closet. His room is CURRENTLY clean, we shall see if it makes it to the end of the day in the same condition.

Lastly, the falcons are growing. They are starting to get their brown pre flight feathers. The first flight should be somewhere between 35-46 days. So be watching...they are 35 days today. You may be able to see them flapping their wings in prep or actually see them take the plunge.

This picture is an addition: I was watching when I saw a chick flapping it's wings. Yes, the one closer to the camara is having breakfast. Yummy.


Wendy said...

I love the picture of your daughter dressed up. My daughter loves to dress up and it is fun to see what she comes up with each time.

owlhaven said...

Love the pixs of your kids

Mary, mom to many