Monday, June 05, 2006

King James

I have been thinking for over a month about getting a King James Bible. I believe I will be getting one soon. I got up this morning, grabbed my bible and sat down in the chair. Miss Sue said she had her bible out for me, I asked if it was King James and she said it was. So I started this morning reading from King James. We shall see by the end of the week what I decide. So's good. I didn't expect any less with the Word.


Faith said...

KJ is good (of course) and i really like New King James too.

Vicki said...

They almost always have KJV on clearance at Family Christian Store... I purchased a couple paperback ones for like $5 a while back.


Kellie said...

I always use the KJV for memorizing and I use a NKJV study Bible for my morning devotions. I also have a NIV and a Living Bible with my study. I keep the KJV because my concordence goes along with that version.