Sunday, January 20, 2008

When Roller Skates Attack

With as much water sopped up as possible I put three fans on the carpet. One fan which I had borrowed, unknowingly had a faulty plug. It sparked and blew the circuit. Thankfully the computer, on that same outlet was fine. With the basement drying out and I decided to join my sister and her family roller skating. I needed to get out of the house and hey, 5oo+ calories burned an hour, I was in.
The kids and I arrived and got into our skates. I purchased roller skates with tax money last year. My thought was to skate for cardio every now and then. Over the course of nearly a year I have probably used them for less than 3 hours. Not as much as I had originally intended. But I used them yesterday.
Let me take you back for a moment. Skating. When I was a teen I lived and breathed skating. I was at the rink nearly every Friday and some Saturdays. It was a cool hang out. So I love skating. I am a good skater. I know the moves.
Fast forward to yesterday. The kids were comfortable early on so I was able to skate independently. Cruising along, having a great time. Every time I passed the kids I got smiles and thumbs up. My sister and I would encourage them as they were doing a great job. Everyone was having a good time. Some are a little sore in parts but nothing terrible.
The first special comes along, the chicken dance. You know the hands, flap your wings, shake your booty and clap, clap clap. Then the little spin around part. Well, I was spinning alright. So fast that I got dizzy and BOOM, flat out on my booty. The tail bone to be exact. Ouch. I got up and continued to participate, just no more spinning for me.
With nothing permanently damaged I continued on with the all skate. Songs came and went and around and around I went. Feeling pretty good about this little trip out. That was until about an hour and a half into it, when my skates attacked. I was going around the corner at a pretty fast clip. The next thing I know I am flying forward and landing on my hands and knees. I had no clue what happened. Nobody pushed me, I didn't run into anybody. A glance back revealed the issue. The front two wheels of my left skate completely fell off. Fell off as in no longer attached to my skate. Meaning I got to test out the laws of motion. Body moving forward, left foot braking, causing me to fall. Flat out.
A worker at the rink retrieved the wheels as I pulled myself up off the floor and hobbled to the side. In seconds I had three workers at my side. One took the skate and looked at it. None of them had ever seen anything like that happen before. The skate, unrepairable. It appears to have snapped. Most likely a manufacturers defect. Since I bought them there and I had worn them so little they took the skates for the owner to look at. Taking my name and number. We will see what comes of that. I am hoping th manufacturer will replace them.
In the meantime they gave me a pair of their skates to continue skating with. They were so tight and uncomfortable that lasted about a minute and then I called it a day.
Flooding, sparking outlet and attacking skates. Not really my day.
I went home drew some bath water, poured in some salts and soaked for a long time. Then I got into my jammies and crawled into bed. I did Sudoku puzzles until I was ready to sleep. I told my mom I was afraid to cook so I opted for a frozen dinner for me and chicken nuggets and french fries for the kids.
Today, I have determined will be much better. It's off to a good start. The basement carpet is dry . I am battered and bruised but moving. And there has been nothing out of the ordinary thus far.
Oh and just in case you were wondering I burned 787 calories while roller skating. When I weighed myself this morning I had lost another 3 pounds. See today IS going to be a good day!


Kellie said...

I love reading this. I miss you.

Tracy said...

Oh NO! Oh, how horrible. I'm sad, I loved Sherry. I'm sorry you're missing her too. I don't want to say the cliche phrase of "at least she's not suffering anymore" because alot of people will be missing her for a while. Sad!