Monday, January 28, 2008

Health Challenge- Week Two

The Health Challenge is in full effect. With week one being drink 20 oz of water. The kids carried their water bottles with them and successfully drank their required amount on 6 out of the 7 days. One day of travel without their bottles meant unmeasured water consumption. I am really proud of them. They are really trying hard to meet the goals of each new challenge.
I am still stumped on rewards. But after reading the Reader's Digest article about bottled water, I think I am going to search out stainless steel water bottles (canteens.) This may be the small prize for week one. I am still debating, should it be one small prize each week or accumulate points towards a huge prize at the end? Care to share your thoughts?
This week's Health Challenge is Brush Brush Floss Wash.
The kids and myself will be required to brush teeth after breakfast and before bed. This will include flossing once daily. Right now brushing is sporadic. Some weeks they brush each night, then the next week brush only a couple times. And flossing is rare. I plan on making some posters during our school time to put up around the house to remind them to brush. After brushing and flossing, the kids are then required to wash their face. Simple enough. It is a task they both dislike and baulk at doing. They can go around with the dirtiest of faces and not care a bit. I am hoping to change this. By focusing on hygiene, I am hoping they will make the connection that proper hygiene is an important part of a healthy body and life.

Week One- Drink 20 oz of water
Week Two- Brush Brush Floss Wash


J said...

Your post inspired me to start a routine of flossing again - I went out and bought my favorite floss (Oral B Satin). It is more expensive but so worth it! My gums are not bleeding and hurting after I floss.

Marcy said...

you can get these really cool bottles at moosejaw in East Lansing, on amazon, or love mine...they are made by Sigg and they have all sorts of them.