Saturday, January 05, 2008

Stolen Moments

When hubby travels the kiddos take turns taking Daddy's spot in bed. Usually at dawn the other child will climb up and in and sandwich me until we wakeup.
This morning I lay there thinking about the stages we have been through. Nursing, diapers, cribs; these things are now gone. I thought of where I am at currently in this stage of parenting. Emerging independence, training and teaching. Sometimes during the daylight hours life can resemble a war. But in the early hours it is calm and peace fills the home.
This morning I wrapped my arms around my boy and held him. My head rested against his. He nestled in and accepted the embrace. Looking up with a smile then dozing back to sleep. A stolen moment.
When we woke up he returned the love with a back and hand massage. Sweet moments.
When I returned the hand massage he said, "This is the life!"
I agree.

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