Thursday, January 03, 2008

Food Analyze

No fast food, more water. To help me keep track of my water consumption, I added my yearly water consumption to the side bar. Check it out. It is just below my miles for swimming, biking and running. At the gym last night, I ran 1 mile and biked 5. Drinking 40 ounces while working out. This felt productive.
In the evening I decided to take a look at foods consumed for the day. I made a list of all the food. Then I figured out the calories; 1665. Then I looked at the sodium; 2925. I was a bit shocked by this. Daily average should be 2000 or less. If I got nearly 3000 while eating more healthy, I cringe at the thought of what it was a week ago. Probably double maybe even triple. Next, I checked protein; 58 grams. Right on track there. Last, I figured out the fiber; 32 grams of fiber. Yeah!
I will probably keep track of my food intake for the next week. While I may not do it to the degree I did last night, I think it is helpful to see what I am eating. An informed consumer is a smart consumer.
How about you? Do you keep track of what you eat and calories?

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Rochelle said...

You are where I am, or should I say I want to be where you are! I have been biking around the neighborhood while waiting for my stress fracture to heal. I don't know how far I go, but I ride for 45 minutes. I have been measuring my water, and keeping track what I eat as well. I haven't measured the sodium, but I think I will. You are doing a great job! Keep it up!!