Friday, January 18, 2008

Now That's Imagination

Laughter erupted in the back seat.
A blue saucer and a hot pink sled had been brought up from the back.
"What are you watching?" Little girl asked her brother.
"Funniest Home Video and Pet's, it's so funny." More laughter.
"I'm watching Wonder Pets."
Haaa haaaa! "A gorilla just sat on a person's head."
"Was it Pinky Dinky Doo?"
"Let's see what could we watch."
A long list of TV shows follow. They change the channels on their pretend TVs and the fun continues.
They kept this up for the 20 minutes or so it took me to run my errands.
Who needs DVD's in the car when you have imagination? Ask me again when I take my next long trip and I will probably answer, ME! But for today I will relish in the fact that my kids have entertained themselves with a saucer and a sled.

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Heidi said...

DVD's are nice for those you know 10 hour rides... but around town I'd rather my kids use their imaginations too.
Plus they learn directions and places, my son can tell me which way to go at certain intersections to get to say "straight to church, right to gymnastics"....