Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Banging in the New Year

In the afternoon, I took my kids and three of their cousins bowling. DS came in second , 6points behind the oldest bowler. Little girl did pretty well. She developed a sideways hurl that was super cute. Even if it only traveled at 2 miles per hour.

After bowling we went sledding. My nephew brought his new snowboard. My son and nephew took turns going down on it.They were both pretty good at it.Unfortunately, I forgot my camera at home. So use your imagination.

Here is our decorated time capsule. It is my first EVER decoupage. Complete with a hidden picture, jokes, technology of the day, curriculum prices and of course, Dora.

To fill the time until midnight we played games. Go fish and a marathon game of Sorry. It took an hour and a half. Which nicely ate away the minutes until count down. Little girl did make it to midnight. Though at 11:30 she stated she was very tired and it was WAY past her bedtime.

One of my husbands traditions growing up was banging pots on the front porch at midnight on New Year's Eve. The tradition continues.

They went out on the front porch, yelling "Happy New Year" and banging away on their pots. DS added a few strums from his guitar. Little girl stayed inside and gave me kisses instead. :)

And again I say to you, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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