Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Taking My Pulse

One full week! This week has flown by.
I weighed in this morning and... will keep reading and I will tell you later in the post how much I have lost.
I love having my water consumption and exercise miles on my side bar. It is very rewarding seeing them add up. 576 ounces of water in one week. I bet this is more than a months worth maybe even two months worth previously. So this is a HUGE improvement.
I made it into the gym 4 out of the 7 days. My first day back in the pool I was wearing my kids goggles. I had a goal of half a mile and I made it. But was constantly adjusting the goggles. Last night I borrowed my nephews goggles and swam the first 10 lengths without stopping. A huge improvement on last year. And made my goal of 1/4 mile. Running and biking have been good too.
The food journal: I have tracked every morsel that has entered my mouth. And since I am writing it down I have been thinking twice about what I let enter. Earlier in the week I was having a hard time finding nutrition facts on some things . So I ordered the Biggest Loser calorie counter book. Since then I have found a GREAT site. My Daily Plate at http://www.thedailyplate.com/
You can track your weight, find your caloric needs, journal foods and find nutrition facts for just about everything. And it's free. It also has a exercise section for figuring out calories burned. I am going to stick to my written journal for now and occasionally enter a day in on the daily plate.
One thing I AM going to do is keep journaling. I read an article about the number one indicator of weight loss. It is not food or exercise it is whether or not you keep a food dairy. I know it is keeping me accountable. That and it is helping me to see what I am not getting. Like enough red or green vegetables. I am able to clearly see how much of each food group I have eaten and because of it my diet is more well rounded. Whatever it is I am doing it is working. I have lost 9 pounds this week. One or two of this may be clothing as I was wearing a thick fleece at initial weigh in. But this morning I used what I will wear each time so that it will be consistent.
Oh, for those of you wondering about my kids and how they are taking the change. They are doing fabulously. They are at such a fun age of understanding. They want to eat healthy. They want to eat their fruits and vegetables. They are always asking if something is healthy. Yesterday they made their own fruit smoothies and loved them.They declared that they need to eat them more often. Still little girl will ask when we get to goto Mc Donalds. And I tell her not until February. Maybe by February it will not even sound good to me.If this is the case I will let her go with grandma.
Thanks Wendy for encouraging me to put my totals on the sidebar, it was a great idea.
Happy and Healthy week to all of you.

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Wendy said...

Yay, I am SO proud of you! I know it's not always easy and there are definitely times we don't feel like do anything, but you are seeing amazing results of making good choices. SO SO happy for you, friend.