Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Tuesday Treasure #2

My MOM! She is my Tuesday treasure!

I am the baby of four. My mother. My hero. Birthed four large babies. One was merely 9 lbs the other three all 10lbs something. Did I mention naturally? Yup...naturally. She stayed home with all of us during our early years. This is never to be underestimated. I realize now how important those early years with Mom really were. She would read to us, take us to the library, we were included to trips to the store. I played outside, a lot! I dug for worms, climbed the swing set, played jump rope. We experienced life. We would go on family trips; camping. We would barrel down the highway singing songs. Hike, my how we would hike. I went on hikes before I could even walk. I was pushed by stroller across the mackinaw bridge. Every night I was kissed before bed. I was blessed. I was blessed by the presence and touch of a mother. Not just any mother, MY MOTHER!

There was a time that I didn't know if my mother would live to see me graduate high school. She did! She went on to see me marry, have my babies. She has been here to see me transfer from her baby to a mommy. She has given me good advice when I was frantic over fever. She encouraged me when I doubted myself. She has been a cheerleader, she is my friend. I am glad for every day I have with her. So today I treasure her, I love you mom!


Faith said...

What a sweet treasure!! She sounds like a great mom!!
Thanks for joining in!!!

Overwhelmed! said...

Your relationship with your mother sounds wonderful! I only hope my son will feel the same way about me later in life! :)


Bek said...

awwww - what an awesome tribute to her!