Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Tuesday Treasure #1

Today I share with you one of my treasures. A cross necklace with a simple black cord. It may not look like much. But it means so much to me. I received this necklace at the closing of a life changing retreat. During that weekend it was prayed over multiply times by prayer warriors that took me to the throne. That weekend was breakthrough and healing. Learning the Christian faith. God revealed and more.
On one side of the cross is a picture of a butterfly. It reminds me that I have died to the old and have been made new in Christ. I am a new creation. Just as a butterfly was once a catapillar plodding along, I too was ugly and plodding along. Then I went through my Chrysalis stage of transformation. Were the old died. And when I emerged I was a beautiful butterfly. Ready to fly.

On the other side of the cross is the words "CHRIST IS COUNTING ON YOU" It reminds me that I am the hands and feet of Christ. He is counting on me to share His message and His love. There was an occurance shortly after this weekend that it truly gave me the boldness needed to get out of a situation. With it came the words..."Don't ever ask me to betray my Lord again." No it does not have any magic powers. It does contain some powerful memories. A reminder that my God is good, kind, loving and forgiving. That He gave me a community of believers for building up and encouraging me in my faith. And that I am to do likewise.

It's a treasure indeed.


Kili @ Live Each Moment said...

what a wonderful post. God is counting on us, you are "SO right.

Faith said...

What a wonderful treasure. I love the story behind it! Thanks for playing along!!

Overwhelmed! said...

What a meaningful treasure! Thanks for explaining the significance behind it.

Unknown said...

Which chrysalis flight and where? I was on flight #29 girls in 2003 with the tidewater Virginia area.