Friday, May 26, 2006

Has Anyone Seen My Kids...Under That Pile of Clothes

The last couple of days I have been surrounded by clothes. Mountains of them! Wednesday night my DD went to bed unusually early. Perhaps a growth spurt or the fact that she is rarely taking naps during the day right now. So I went downstairs to do some laundry. Upon arriving to the laundry room I was reminded of HOW BEHIND I was on the laundry. Which made me realize the excess we have when it comes to clothes. Which made me think of how the kids are growing and ready to move up to the next size clothes. Which made me curious about what I had been given for them clothes wise. Which motivated me to drag out all the boxes stored in the laundry room to see. You following this train of thought? I hope so. I brought out all the boxes and bags. Some had already been sorted through, others were mumble jumbled together and I had no clue what they contained. Piles of clothes were all over the basement floor. Placed by size and sex. I realize I am extremely blessed. We are given clothes from a few families. So blessed indeed. It was somewhere in the midst of all this sorting that I came to a realization; my friend was praying for me. She had called earlier in the day and asked how she could pray for me. She is my accountabilty prayer partner so she is good at asking tough questions. She asked how I was doing on balance, so I told her. "God is dealing with me on balance, some days great, other days not so great. I really need to do the laundry I am extremely behind." So here I am dealing with it and I KNOW that she is praying. After much progress, I started getting tired so I went to bed. In the morning I called her. Yes she had been praying and yes specifically about the laundry. I KNEW IT! So I asked to her to pray that I complete the project, which she did. Then she gave me some guidelines. You see, she is a very organized person. She is gifted in this area. And God knew what he was doing when he put us together. The goal: drastically downsize. If we had enough clothes to go so long between washing, we have too many clothes! With less choices, we will wear what we like and then wash it. Sooner rather than later. Clutter is eliminated. Everything can have a place. Truthfully if everything WAS clean it would not have a place. It would end up piled up somewhere or in a basket. So yesterday was downsize day. Immediately I went to the missions store to donate the adult clothes that I found in the basement. I had to face it, some things were outdated, very outdated. Those things went to the mission store because I know if not used in America it will be sent oversees to someone who would use them. Other clothes; outgrown kids and current adult items were set aside for the next free sale. Which looks like it will be sooner than later. Another friend has commited to having a free sale in July. So I have approxiamtely 6 weeks of storage and sorting and then they will be gone as well. WooHoo! Today I will continue on...laundry, laundry and more laundry. Yes there is that much.
If you think of me, say a prayer, I need all the prayer I can get when it comes to cleaning and organizing my home!


Mindy said...

You have been doing so much decluttering, that's gotta feel great!

I am proud of you.

Overwhelmed! said...

You are in my prayers. I hope the organzation of your home goes well!