Sunday, May 28, 2006

63 Days

Have you ever watched a movie that changed your life? The message so profound that it sticks with you and marked you in a way. Or read a book that literaly changed your thinking on something? I read a blog today and this day will be forever etched in my memory; the story NEVER forgotten. I happened about it, a blog on the sidebar. The About on the home page had me intrigued to say the least:
**The names and ages of some have been changed to protect the families of the individuals involved.** In the 80’s, "boot camps" for troubled teens became the new treatment dejour for parents at their wits end. However, after numerous allegations of severe abuse, untrained staff and several deaths, these camps came under much scrutiny. Steve Cartisano ran the most notorious of these camps, called Challenger Foundation. I was 15 when I was kidnapped from my bed and taken to Challenger. 63 Days is the story-in-progress about my brutal experiences there, my subsequent escape and the aftermath. This is my story, this is my life.

I began at post #1. I then read all the way through to current. 3 1/2 hours. Her story is amazing. It is sad. It is heartbreaking. It is an eye-opener. Forever changind my thoughts on Boot Camp.
Warning: Her experiences are real and she relates them as she experienced them. Those who have experience abuse; physical, emotional or sexual may have a hard time reading this blog. This blog is still a writing in progress.

How it marked me? It made me realize as a parent how critical our choices are for our kids. That even when things are tough we should never hand over our kids to another to have full authority over. Abuse happens! To a degree my mind can scarcely fathom. I will relive moments in my sleep, I want to go to sleep to escape the thoughts of abuse going on in our world. Yet, I did not live it. My heart goes out to Allison and all those who have survived. As well as to the families of whose kids did not.

So for those who choose to embark on her adventure start with the following link. At the top of each post it has the next post linked to it..making it easy to follow. There are a few breaks, when that happens the links that follow will keep you on the story line.

I have googled Steve Cartisano...this story IS TRUE!


glimmer said...

Hey Sarah, It is a scary thing to realize the abuse people go through on a daily basis. I hope this helps you understand people better and thank God that you have never had to experience these things. I won't go to this site because of your warning, I was abused sexually as a child. I have moved on but I know you see how I struggle. You are a great friend and a true inspiration for me. Thanks, Amanda

momteacherfriend said...

It is scary! And VERY REAL! The 63 days journey is a difficult one to swallow. While I have never experienced abuse to this magnitude I can relate to subtle things she experienced. Her journey is amazing and maybe of help to one ready to deal with and work through the abuse. Her sharing her story is about her recovery. While not for everyone to read, it may help some. Not to be entered into lightly. It is serious. Thats why the warning. If you choose to read it, it would be hard for you to get through parts. And those things would need to be dealt with.
Know your not alone. Love ya.

Alli said...

I just found this. Thank you so much for linking to me.