Monday, May 29, 2006

I Will Remember

To My Dad...
Today people across the nation remember those who have served our country. Some have fallen, some wounded. Some came home. All brave. All worthy of being remembered. Dad, I thank you for the days and years you served our country. I thank you that when you would have rather been at home with your new bride, you honored your comitment and went oversees to fight. Dad, I thank you that when you would have rather been holding your precious first born, you were holding your gun and climbing poles in the night. Because you honored your commitment. I thank you that when you returned, you made it your whole hearted commitment to be there for your family. To build your family and be a contributing man to our community. I know you saw things that one should never see. I know you experienced the lost of a fellow comrade, probably far more than one. I know you could have lost your life. I know never to startle you when your sleeping, as you always awake, ready and alert for battle. I know that your time in service were not the best years of your life. I know it marked you. I know when you returned you did not return to a grateful nation, but to scorn. That people would spit and say nasty things to you and others that did serve. I am sorry that people did this. That our country was ungrateful. I want to tell you and all your I am grateful. I thank you! And I remember.
With Love,


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Amanda said...

They are truly our heroes! I know that all that have served appreciate driving through neighborhoods and seeing flags that people have placed in their yards. I thank you Lord for the men and women that are serving or have served.