Sunday, August 31, 2008

Bible in a Year

I have been thinking about starting a year long bible reading program for a few weeks now. Since it wasn't January 1st I procrastinated a bit. Then on Karen's blog this weekend she mentioned a reading program that you can start any month. So I went to check it out and it is exactly what I was looking for. You can choose from 5 different plans. Many different translations and you can start today.
I just read Day 1 Matthew 1-4.
To discipline myself I will not allow myself to get on the computer until it is read. After all it should be the most important reading of the day and it should have priority. And I know myself well.
Anyone want to join me on this journey?

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Kellie said...

Have a blast. It is a fun challange and you don't allow the devil to let you feel guilty when you don't read. You just stop that feeling and say, "Ha, guess what I'm going to read more about your distuction. NeeNerNeeNer."