Thursday, August 21, 2008

Misty Eyed

I am sitting at my computer, it is 10pm. The kids have gone to my brothers for a sleepover. Hubby went to bed early as he was not feeling well. And sweet little me is here. Being completely touched by God. So many fragments of thought and happenings over the last week. They bring me here to this moment. And while I am not crying, I could be. Instead I am misty eyed. Realizing fully how good God is. How complete and utterly good. I needed to be reminded. While I would not say I am walking away from him right now, I would say I am not walking as closely. I still hear His voice. I still feel his promptings. But my passion has been lacking.
I have been thinking for the last several weeks how I can get back on track as far as where I want to be. Spending more time in the word and in prayer. I felt the desire to reread The power of a Praying Wife but after an exhaustive search I could not find it on any of our bookshelves. I still have the desire to go through it.
Tonight God reminded me of where we have been. Moments of pure obedience. Moments of unrelenting prayer. Moments where I have followed him without abandon. Dancing for him. Praying for his children. Speaking words of truth. Obedience even in the ridiculous.
And I want to come back. I want to run into His arms. I want to hear Him call my name for I will follow. I want to sing, a new and vibrant song a song for Him.
What brought about this breath of new life. A letter from pastor brad and a google search of my screen name. God is using the internet for His Kingdom and I want to be a light.

Lord I want to be free. Lord I want to break these chains Lord I want to be free. I want to spread my wings. There is grace and forgiveness, healing at the cross. I will come and lay it down I will come and lay it down at the foot of the cross.


Kellie said...

That is so beautiful. GOD is touched by your passion for HIM. HE is misty eyed as HE watches you and hears your heart. You are a great women.

Irritable Mother said...

Oh, HE loves you so much and is after your heart! I am just sure God is behind Brad's letter and your Google search. Yes. Run to Him!
Will you be at church Sunday? I will be with 2nd/3rd grade girls at 9:15 and in the sanctuary at 11:00, and I'll bring my copy of The Power of a Praying Wife. Come find me and you can borrow it!

BTW, Joshua puts me to shame in the pull-up department, too.

Anonymous said...

Wow! This is something I wanted to read last night while we were talking on here, but I was too tired to read it! Anyway, it's a good blog and maybe I should start writting my own too! You inspire me!