Friday, August 29, 2008

Resources are Amazing!

I just spent an hour on the Capital Area District Libraries(CADL) website. I am super excited. I have found so many great resources to aide in our schooling. This year I am tailoring the kids learning more than ever before. While I have curriculum that will help me along the way I am choosing what we will do and pulling together all the resources we will use on my own. Let me just say the internet is AMAZING!!!
I can google and find just about any answer I am seeking.
I can find videos on youtube.
I can find music.
I can find maps.
There are visual pictures galore by clicking image on my google search.
Ebay, Amazon and Rainbow Resources. Love them!
Then there is my library, who allows me to order books, music, videos and DVDs from the convenience of my home.

I am super excited about this school year. A fabulous adventure is awaiting us.

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learner said...

yeah well i just spend a long time starting face book not that i even know how to use it
ha ha
talk to you soon
Thanks again for haning at apple bees last night