Wednesday, August 13, 2008


With competition for the women's gymnastics scheduled for the evening, we dedicated the day to the sport.
We read a book about Carly Patterson, checked out the mini animation and tumbled around the living room. We each made up a pretend balance beam routine performed on a string in the living room. Mine was fabulous although I was unable to land a cartwheel on my string. Deductions, deductions.

Then in the afternoon we went to my parents where the kids convinced me to do a back flip for them. The boy video taped for your viewing pleasure.

It was a fun day teaching the kids different things about a sport I love. For those who may not know, I was a gymnast in high school. No where near as talented as the Olympians but I enjoyed it just the same.

In the evening we had orange chicken with rice and noodles from the mall. The kids tried the egg roll but were not impressed. Orange chicken though, this they love.

Hubby is back from his latest travels so he watched the evening Olympics with us. I think I may be a little more reserved in my cheering with him present. But cheer I did.
Go Michael!
Go Team USA!
Keep up the awesome work and determination in Beijing.


Mindy Richmond said...

Very impressive! I wanna learn how to do a back flip! My mom was in gymnastics in high school as well. I grew up wanting do that too but my high school was in a podunk town so we only had the basic sports. I took gymnastics for about 3 seconds when I was in elementary school. I can do a left-handed cartwheel and that's about it.

Jess said...

Glad you guys had such fun...I was just catching up with you... seems as though you are the real olympics fan!

Kellie said...

Thanks for keeping up with the progress of this latest schooling adventure.