Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Michael Phelps and Mexico Monday

The Americans were smokin' in the Aquatic Center. With an exciting night of swimming scheduled we hit the pool for a swim of our own, armed with knowledge we found on this site. The boy tried out the different strokes, while the girl worked on swimming for longer distances.

After our swim practice we splashed and played in the kid pad.
In the evening we cheered on team USA as they were absolutely VICTORIOUS in the pool. Three gold medals, back to back, all in record time. With Americans also taking bronze, bronze and silver in those same events. Since we had taken three hour naps in the afternoon we stayed up LATE watching all the Olympic excitement. Including the USA Men's Gymnastic team win the bronze. And Michael Phelps! Three for three and tying the record for most Olympic golds. I think it is fair to say he will be the sole record owner of the most decorated athlete of the modern Olympics by the end of Beijing. One thing is for certain, we are cheering him on every step of the way.
For dinner we decided to go Mexican. We located Mexico on the map, found their flag in our handy dandy flag book and headed out the door. On our way to the restaurant we tried to remember as much Spanish as we could. We have the basic colors, numbers to 10, hello and good bye. I knew the basic food words; carne, queso, and pollo. As we rounded the corner we saw the sign, Los Tres Amigos, which the kids easily translated. Then made the realization that we ourselves were three friends. Walking in they greeted the waiter with an ola. When ever we could we chose to say things in Spanish, which was very fun. As we waited for our meal we ate salsa, listened to the music and discussed the pictures on the wall. Leading to more cultural discussion, including clay roofs.

For our meal we ordered enchilada, taco, cheese quasadilla, chalupa, tostada, a side of rice and a side of beans.

Everyone loved everything! We seriously cleaned our plates.

For dessert we decided on Sopilla( spiced tortilla) and ice cream.

Our Mexican dining experience was a success.

As we left the restaurant the kids told our waiter, "Adios amigo."
And now I say to you, until next time, "Adios amigos!"

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Marcy said...

We love Los Tres Amigos. Good food at a good price. The chips and salsa are great!