Tuesday, August 26, 2008

For Those Who Like Food

Mediterranean Monday!
With two ethnic foods remaining, we decided to bring dad along for Woody's Oasis. Before we had kids Dave and I enjoyed going there. Now it was time to introduce the kids.
We chose meat grape leaves, chicken schwarma with rice, falafel, toubolli, greek salad and pitas with hummus.

For dessert we had baklava and fingers.

The kids were a bit squeamish at first about the grape leaves. I mean really, they look weird. But they taste oh so delish. The boy thought they were awesome. Little girl ate one, enjoying the filling but still not impressed with the leaf.

They loved the chicken schwarma. And were indifferent about the falafel. Little girl liked the hummus, the boy did not. Hubby could not get enough of the hummus.

Yum, Yum and YUM!
I feel blessed to have adventurous eaters. Ethiopian is the next food of the ethnic roster. Should be interesting.


Diane@Diane's Place said...

Baklava is one of my favorite sweets ever! Love it, and I like most Greek foods. Hummus, not so much.

I immediately noticed Little Girl's haircut in the pic on this post, even before I scrolled down for the next post. It looks great! She is so pretty, and it really does make her look more mature. Hard to believe it's the same little girl I saw 2 Summers ago here in Arkansas, and that she's starting school this year.

You're right: better treasure these times, and take plenty of pictures to support your memory.

Love and hugs,


Mindy Richmond said...

Not a fan of grape leaves or falafel.
Hummus - always good.
Tabbouli is okay but my favorite is the fattouch.
Baklava - I remember my dad made this once or twice when I was a kid. Love it.
If you want the best chicken shawarma in town of course you need to go to Sultan's. Oh yummy. I think I may have to skip packing the lunch tomorrow and eat some chicken shawarma instead!

Oh, and another good treat is the hashwi (rice w/ bits of lamb and magic seasonings) but you should get it from Byblo's, which also downtown but about a block north of Sultan's.

And that is all I have to say about Mediterranean food. For now.

Butterfly Mama said...

MMMMMMM looks yummy. My son LOVES falafel as much as we do now.