Tuesday, August 26, 2008


See this cute adorable face.

It is growing up. By the calendar she is four nearly five which means her confidence is growing just as much as she is. In the last few months I have seen her crack away her shell and since this post, she has been talking more and more in uncomfortable situations. Such as, the dentist yesterday. She actually talked to both the hygientist and the dentist. Saying hi, answering their questions, joking with them and saying good bye. Sweet! Which since I mentioned the dentist, update, my kids no longer have perfect dental records. The both have cavities. Yikes! Doc said they have small mouths and even though they look to be brushing well they need to floss daily to get in between those tight spots. So not looking forward to the day of the fillings. I will keep you posted.
So back to little girl. Over the last few months I have been noticing an awareness of others and their opinions. When picking out a dress for church she will ask, "Do you think Abbey will like this?" Or her hair, "Do you think Daddy will think I am beautiful?" Well of course he will and if he doesn't, I may kick him. AND then there is Isabell. Who recently got her hair cut and my dear sweet little girl wanted her hair to be JUST like hers. So with her hair needing to be cut it was time to decide how it would be cut. The mother within me wanted it to be shoulder length, preserving her beautiful curls. But also preserving her own identity. In the end I let her make her own decision. Perhaps a first. She chose the chin length cut like Isabell's.
Here is before- the back.

The opening picture is just before, from the front.


She looks so much older to me. I must admit it is very cute on her. And I think she is beautiful.
This whole hair cut thing just reminds me even more how much she is growing up. Insert deep sigh. And how each phase of this life is precious.

I love you sweet girl! Always and forever!


Sooze said...

I love her hair cut!!! She looks adorable!!!

Mindy Richmond said...

I did not read this blog post until now so I was completely shocked when I saw Jessica's new do earlier this evening. I told her over and over that I love love love her haircut and I mean it! It looks so great on her!

Kellie said...

She looks great. Tell her A1 loves it and wants one too. Although I am not sure with curls how it will work. I really liked this post. I am so glad to hear how she is growing. Especially, since mine is so close to her.

Gina C said...

My little girl is six and wanted to cut her hair shorter, but I told her I need to get pictures done of her with her long hair. I guess I want to hold on to my baby a little longer.