Tuesday, September 02, 2008

First Day of School

After working most of the day yesterday, I know I was laboring on Labor Day, I got the basement cleaned and ready for school.
I am super excited about this year. I know it will have it's challenges teaching two different grades simultaneously but it will also have its rewards. Like our super awesome activities and field trips we have planned. Which by the way I am still in need of a tunnel.
And now for our traditional first day of school pictures.
Little girl- Kindergarten

The boy- Second grade.

A word of warning. The best way to reach me during the school year is email or facebook. I check these regularly at least twice a day. Where as the phone may not be answered during school time and I am notoriously horrible at checking the voice mail.
Have a great day!


Timm said...

I've got an aweful lot of respect for what you are doing. My wife and I have been considering the home School option for some time now. It seems to me that just like anything else in life, if you want it done right, you should do it yourself.

I can relate to the voice mail bit too. I'm also terrible at checking mine.

Wendy said...

cute pictures! kindergarten and 2nd grade - yep, right there w/ya! i'd like to do pen pal again eventually. we need to get used to our new schedule first. :) definitely more teaching time this year!