Friday, April 13, 2007


I went to the pool today with the hopes to increase my forward crawl distance. Previously my furthest distances of all forward had been 200. I wanted to beat that today with the goal of completing 400yds. I had hoped to try and do all 400 without rolling over. AND I DID IT! I was so excited. The time was 9.24. My breathing has finally cooperated and was not an issue at all. I think I could have gone another 100. I did notice my arms tiring in the triceps. So starting today I am weight training in the arms and shoulders. I think this will help. Our swim instructor showed us some target areas to work. Hubby had the day off today so he showed me a good triceps routine. I may not be able to move them much tomorrow. We shall see.
I also rode the bike 5 miles; 18.25. I do believe this is my fastest time for 5 miles. I need to start adding more distance to my biking. At a four minute pace I should be able to get 10 miles done in 40 minutes. I think is my next goal.

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Irritable Mother said...

I am so impressed by your dedication and hard work. You go, girl!!!
Seriously. Good for you!