Friday, April 27, 2007

Future Career?

It was time to go to the YMCA and dear son was dragging his feet. "I don't want to go to the YMCA tonight." He complained. I explained that it was my only option for him as I did not have a sitter. He thought about it for a moment and begin throwing out ideas. His plan, to go to dinner with grandma and spend time with her and grandpa. Dinner would cost money as they were eating at "the restaurant." I asked him if he was willing to spend his own money to go to dinner. He asked how much it would be and he agreed that it was worth it. Guess he really did not want to go to the Y. He called grandma and asked if he could join them. She agreed. As soon as it was ok for son to go, little girl started in with her protest. She wanted to go with grandma TOO. She had $3, not enough she needed 4. When I dropped of the boy, grandma came out to talk to little girl. Little girl was so upset she could not talk and she began to cry a sad sad cry. I tried not to laugh but I did. She was really and truly sad but the look on her face made me laugh. In the end she borrowed a dollar from me and they both went to dinner with grandma and grandpa. The enjoyed themselves and thought it was worth it. Although DS discovered that pop cost more and next time he would probably just get water. He is slightly frugal like his mom.

I think I have a negotiator in the house.

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Irritable Mother said...

Maybe your son and my daughter can team up to manage corporate take-overs and such.
I have often marveled at her scheming - I mean thoughtful maneuvering. Sometimes she comes up with such a good case, I can't reasonably say NO.