Saturday, April 14, 2007

10 Mile Mark

I guess this is the week of break through. I got to the YMCA this morning and there was only the recumbent bike available. So I determined ahead of time that I wanted to make 10 miles. I began to pedal and 36 minutes and 9 seconds later I had made it the distance. I am wondering if my legs are more efficient on the recumbent or if I was peddling faster than normal. The splits were much faster than I had anticipated. This is a good thing. I am still left wondering how it will be when I get out on MY bike. Hopefully the weather will begin to warm and the sun will begin to shine and the wind will die down. So I can get outside to ride.

Since I have been having success with goal setting this week, my next goal is to run 3 miles.
I have been doing more training on the elliptical this last month as my shins were beginning to hurt if I went over a mile running. Super stretching and pushing through any pain will have to come into play if I am going to make this three mile mark. That and pure determination.

My other goal is to do another half triathlon for one of my training times this week. Taking all the distances for the race I will be doing and halving all of them. Meaning 200yd swim, 5 mile bike and 1.5 mile run. Continuous with minimal transition time between each. Transition times are tricky at the YMCA going from a swim to a bike. It is not like outside where you wear the same suit for all three events. I actually need to dry off and completely change before going on to the bike. And I know they would frown on me wearing my wet suit upstairs in the work out room. My fastest turn around for YMCA swim to bike is about 5 minutes. What are you going to do?

On the last triathlon class one of the members said something I had never thought about before, "The truly serious elite athletes will not waste time stopping to go to the bathroom, they simply wet themselves as they ride or run." Ew, it made me think, how many will relieve themselves in the water before I swim through? I hope I don't drink any of the water.


Overwhelmed! said...

Wow, I'm impressed with your efforts! Good for you. I'm happy if I can ride a couple of miles on my mountain bike. :)

You know, I'm with you on the quiz thing I posted today. It was too easy to second guess yourself and I'll be re-learning right along with Snuggle Bug when he gets into school!

Staci said...

i was just thinking of you as i walked today. i don't know if you already know this, but playmakers has free injury clinics on wednesday evenings.

unless the pain goes away after the first few moments, don't push through the pain. it can just cause more injury to the point where you have to quit.

Friend said...

I was at a birthday party this weekend and thought of you. Someone commented to one of the kiddos about her mommy's name being in the paper. She placed 8th in the triathalon a couple weeks ago. I asked if she did them often and the mom told me was her first ever. She decided to try it out about 6 months ago and just worked up in the training and did her first one. What a proud moment she must have had....much like my friend (you)! I'm so happy you are doing this, and doing it for you and enjoying it! What a woman! My friend! YOU!!!!!1