Thursday, April 26, 2007

Evening at the Y

When I first arrived at the YMCA, I was planning on a workout and then possibly a family swim with the kids. It was 5:15 when I checked them into Totwatch. Each day I am allotted one and a half hours of childcare for each of my children. Sweet!
I headed for the pool and was happy to see I had a lane all to myself. I am willing to share, aI really do not mind sharing but I was thankful I would have one to myself. From the starting gate I swam a 400, then rested a few minutes and swam 100. I wanted to go further on this one but was having fogging issues and in my right eye there was just enough water that every time I turned my head to breathe my eye was baptized. So I rested for a minute, fixed the goggle and went out on another 400. It felt really good to be doing the distance. By the last 100 my goggles were so fogged I could barely see shadows. I could not see any sort of time on my watch. I have got to do some Google searches and see what can be done for the fog.
After my swim I headed upstairs for a run. While changing over to my workout closes I downed some Sports Beans. Love them! I also found them for 96 cents at Wal-Mart. Orange flavor or fruit punch, equally delicious.
I hit my run with the determination to get in a mile at a decent pace. I ran it in 8.56; 6 seconds off my fastest time. It felt really good. Not sure how much of it is getting necessary energy from the beans but I actually felt like I had some energy.
After the run I hit the weights. Doing upper body. At this time I had about 10 minutes left to pick up the kids so I headed down to get them.
Little girl wanted to climb in the Kid Gym, which she did for a couple minutes. Then the boy and I climbed the wall a few times each. Last night I tried something I had never done before on the wall. I climbed up as normal then I CLIMBED back down, ironically enough they call it down climbing. My fingers felt really tight after that. For my second climb I was going to do a speed climb up course one but opted for course two which I did in 57 seconds.
Since I had promised little girl we would swim, we did. A nice leisurely swim with the kids. I tried to keep it short because at this point we had been there quite awhile. So I set the timer for 15 minutes. When the timer went off, I let the boy go down the water slide two more times then we were out of the pool. We raced to see who would get dressed first, DS won.
By the time we walked out the front doors it was 7:45. And well past time for dinner. Good thing becuase I had worked up an appetite.

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