Wednesday, April 11, 2007


My friend sent me a new game. It is great and it is called Boomshine.
It is easy to play and rather addictive. So simple even my three year beat the final level, but not necessarily a given. It later took me over an hour to complete. Timing and placement are everything.

On a spiritual side, this game made me think. It could have been all the time spent playing it or perhaps true inspiration. But it made me think about our circle of influence. How we can effect other's with the love of Christ and how that can grow, affecting everyone around us. Unless we get out there and share our love some will never be reached with the love of Christ. Some will get away and some we will miss the timing, but the potential is there. We can reach the unreached. With a little help of our friends.
As you play this game think of each person as some one walking around. You have the potential to reach them all with the love of Christ.
I hope you enjoy!

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marcy said...

That's a great analogy...even what they talked about in my devotional this morning...making a decision to impact others. Glad you liked the game.